Angband is a freeware, text-based rogue-like dungeon exploration computer game.
Your quest is to defeat monsters, collect powerful artifacts, and finally kill Morgoth.

The News

Xygos 0.2.2 "Chuckie Egg" released (github page)
This brand new variant from Mike is aiming for an eclectic sci-fi / futuristic / post-apocalyptic theme. Read the announcement post or download from the release page.
30.3.2021 23:30.

Angband 4.2.2 released (release page)
The newest Angband is out, with fixes and improvements from 4.2.1. Download or play on For more details, read the announcement post.
7.3.2021 10:34.

Angband 4.2.1 released (home page)
The latest update to Angband is out, with fixes from 4.2.0 plus a major overhaul to the blackguard class. Download or play on For more details, read the announcement post.
18.6.2020 14:25.

Oposband 0.3.3 released (home page)
Version 0.3.3 is now out, with improvements from Frogcomposband-7.1.Liquorice and two new races. See the release notice, or play on
12.5.2020 07:26.

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23:16Erimbar updated deadAngbandL18 Warrior Dwarf<>
20:23Avaldion updatedFrogComposbandL39 Mage Demigodwobbly3 comments, last 20:25
16:44Elwe updatedAngbandL35 Druid Dunadanjsv
15:51Vaccy XII updatedFrogComposbandL50 Monster HydraThraalbee

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