Angband is a freeware, text-based rogue-like dungeon exploration computer game.
Your quest is to defeat monsters, collect powerful artifacts, and finally kill Morgoth.

The News

Angband 3.5.1 released 4th January 2015 (Home Page)
A bugfix to the widely-admired 3.5.0 release has now emerged. See the announcement post for details, update, play.
4.1.2015 10:07.

Sil 1.2 released 3 January 2014 (home page)
The latest version of Sil appeared like clockwork on Tolkien's birthday featuring chasms! and some other stuff. This was speedily followed up by version 1.2.1. Visit the home page to get the latest.
12.1.2014 21:39.

Angband 3.5.0 released 24th December 2014 (home page)
After a lot of development work, the latest version of Angband hits the streets, with one of the longest changelists ever. Read the announcement post for full details, and then get downloading from the home page.
12.1.2014 21:31.

PosChengband 3.0.0 released 7th November 2013 (home page)
The latest version of the all-inclusive juggernaut PosChengband has appeared, featuring continuously explorable wilderness, and big changes to ego items and dungeon generation. For more details, read the announcement thread.
10.11.2013 21:24.

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New character dumps

23:19Gnim 3 updatedPosChengbandL23 Red-Mage Gnomewobbly7 comments, last 00:42
21:29Rena updatedAngbandL39 Mage DunadanCold_Heart11 comments, last 15:17
20:33Natar updatedAngbandL40 Warrior High-ElfThraalbeast
19:53Eradicator updatedPosChengbandL50 Monster GolemRegalia15 comments, last 20:05
19:53Gloemas updated deadToMEL34 Unbeliever Half-OgreFlestrin
17:37Detoo updatedPosChengbandL49 Monster Ringmpriki

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