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Animeband is based off of Angband 2.9.3, an ascii roguelike. However, Animeband is starting to tangent away from V, and look quite new. Try it :)

アニメバンドを遊ぶ時は、 部屋をあかるくして近づきすぎないようにして遊んで下さいね。


Announcement (03/31/08): Permanently stepping down as maintainer

I have decided that it is about time that I step down and let another person take over the Animeband project. Frankly, I'm surprised that I was able to keep up with it for 6 years, especially since the project started off as a semi-joke.

However, life has finally caught up with me so I must retire now. Furthermore, my coding skills have rusted to the point where it is now somewhat difficult for me to code anything anymore. To that end, I have named phatehon_h as the new Animeband maintainer, as he is a much better coder than I am and also has some really neat ideas for the direction of Animeband.

I will still be helping with some minor stuff from time to time, but I will no longer be the lead maintainer. I hope all of you will support Animeband now as you did when I was in charge of it.

The latest version of Animeband can be found here

The Animeband discussion thread can be found here

Thank you all.