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In-depth FAQS (taking FAQ requests now, updated 10/29/05):
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1) How do I transform?

When you are wearing a school uniform, hit 'O'. Note that when you reach level 30, this restriction goes away. Once transformed, hit 'm' to see a list of powers. Power descriptions will be added soon.

2) What does "insert Student power here" do?
Terrible Engrish: Scares all monsters around you.
Ouroborous: Summons a bunch of orbs that surround you. They shoot magic missile in every direction every turn for 2d6.
Genei Jin: 3X blows per turn. Also says "Hey!" or "Oi!" evreytime you hit something (SF joke, to learn more, watch this vid.)

3) How do I limit break?
Hit 'p' when meter is full.

4) Can I ever take off the Magic Knight sword?
Yes, once you reach level 50.

5) "Insert Monster Name here" is utter BS.
Then run. There are three creatures in the game that you're more or less supposed to run from.

6) What do each groove do?
Fire: 35% bonus to damage and critical as meter is full, builds meter as you get hit (1 dmg = 1 meter point)
Water: Parry (dex and int dependent), parries any attack (magic and otherwise), 2% heal with successful parry, take 10% higher damage than normal, meter builds with successful parry
Wind: Dodge (dex dependent), dodges any attack, meter builds up SLOWLY by damage (1 attack = 1 meter point), if hit with < 15% life, meter builds up 500 pts per hit.
Metal: The percentage of your current meter versus your max meter becomes the max damage reduction possible, meter builds slightly slower than fire.
Drunk: 45% bonus to damage and critical as you get buzzed, requires alcohol to prevent alcohol withdrawal, builds meter depending on strength of Alcohol, too much alcohol is BAD.
Sand: +2 blows, +3 stealth, +5 accuracy, +5 speed. Meter gained from damage taken AND damage dealt. Deals 33% less damage, takes 50% more damage.

7) Can you give me a quick guide to each race's limit break?
Human: Temporary Invulnerability
Nedian: Full mana/hp restore, status and anomolies get restored
Saiyajin: Super Saiyanjin mode
Juraian: Shield + Protection from Evil
Hententmon: Molest all the creatures around you
Ctarl-Ctarl: Claw all the creatures around you + Blink
Android: Nuke
Sanjiyan: Wu Transform
Sky Dragon: Kekkai (free mass genocide + anti summon + anti monster generate)
Remnant: Random and more.....
Moogle: Dances about which causes random effects like a wand of wonder.

8) Give me some good race/class suggestions.
ANY Magic Knight
Any Metal Mage
Nedian Student (any style)
Nedian Sand Cosplayer
Sayajin/Sky Dragon/Hententmon/Human Warrior (any style)
Sayajin/Sky Dragon/Hententmon Chi Warrior (any style)
Groove tiers seem to be:
Metal, Sand, Wind/Fire, Water, Drunk

9) Wtf?! I got insta-killed!
So far the possible instakills seem to be:
Spike/Photon & Spike/Death: Many people have complained about this combo. Spike is an annoying bird with a tendancy to summon uniques. Namely, Photon, and Death, who can instakill you upon being summoned. The obvious solution is to kill Death before you meet Spike. Since Death appears around DL 26 while Spike appears around DL 40, so you have ample opportunity to deal with Death. The most effective way to kill Death is either rushdown with Protection from Evil, Pillar Dance, or even haste into Genei Jin. Spike also seems to die for free to Kekkai. This situation should almost never occur in 059 in any case.

Exploding Mechas: This is obvious. Mech dies, it explodes, and you die. Keep track of how many HP your Mecha has. In 054, there will be Mecha repair kits.

Drunkeness: Well gee. Stop abusing the Alcohol. Especially if the game warns you not to.

Gigaslave: Gigaslave has a 10% chance of blowing up the universe.

10) What is an Ume-Shoryu?


This is named in honor of Daigo Umehara, who is one of the best fighting game players EVER. Although he is currently not the world's best in any particular game now, his raw skill is so good that he always places high in every game he plays. A "shoryuken" is the name for Ryu's invincible uppercut from the classic Street Fighter game. Shoryukens beat out most moves, but if it whiffs or gets blocked the ensuing recovery time can be punished with a combo. However, Daigo's timing and instincts are so uncanny that he almost always connects with them. This psychic uppercut is dubbed to be the "Ume-Shoryu" and it is no surprise that in any fighting game that has a character with such a move, Daigo has done extraordinarily well. Here is an example vid. At the time the US "gospel" was that Ryu loses pretty badly to Dhalsim. Sirlin must've been dumbfounded here ^_^. Hell, check out the frame-by-frame on the picture on the left!

NEW!! Another Ume-Shoryu mind boggle that looks hella random.

11) What are the current quests in 059?
Chushingura:Avenge the death of Lord Asano by killing Kira and bringing his head to Oishi. (Recommended clvl: 35+, though I solved it as a level 20)
Happy Fun Puzzle Land:Obvious (Recommended clvl: When you can kill a death mold without too much trouble).
Tokyo Tower:Duel Fuma on the top of Tokyo Tower (clvl 40+)
Pagoda: Sorta like that Bruce Lee movie. A pagoda with 5 levels each containing a fighter skilled in his art.
Duel Arena:Duel a whole series of uniques
Totoro:Remember the movie Totoro? (any clvl)
Replant Forest:Pretty Obvious (any clvl)

12) Explain the 20 room puzzle.
This is a Hamiltonian chain puzzle. The objective is to visit every room only once and then end up in the starting room at the end.

I'll probably branch this off into its own site with pictures and such, but for now, Anime/Anime games/Japanese stuff used in Animeband:
Araiguma Rascal
Azumanga Daioh
Capcom vs SNK
Combustible Campus Guardress
Cowboy Bebop
Dagger of Kamui
Devil Hunter Yohko
Dragonball Z and GT
Fighting Foodons
Final Fantasy
Fushigi Yuugi
Great Teacher Onizuka
Guilty Gear
Gundam Wing
Hajime no Ippo
Hello Kitty
Hikaru no Go
Howl's Moving Castle
Inu Yasha
Irresponsible Captain Tylor
IQ Sapuri
Jinzo Ningen Kikaida
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou
Kiki's Delivery Service
Last Exile
Lupin the Third
Magic Knight Rayearth
Mahou Tsukai Tai
Marmalade Boy
Marvel vs Capcom
Mimi wo Sumaseba
Mononoke Hime
Muteki Kanban Musume (Noodle Fighter Miki)
Narue no Sekai
Ninja Scroll
Puyo Puyo
Ragnarok Online
Ranma 1/2
Record of Lodoss War
Rival Schools
Ronin Warriors
Sailor Moon
Samurai Showdown
Soul Calibur
Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi)
Star Ocean the Second Story
Super Mario Bros.
Tenchi Muyo
Tokimeki Memorial
Tokyo Underground
Tonari no Totoro
Vampire Hunter D
Yami no Matsuei

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