Advanced Combos

A little introduction to RC and tension combos

RC combos off of the second hit of the stun dipper

Middleweight characters: Stun dipper > RC (2nd hit) > Dash 5S > 2HS (1 or 2 hits) > HSVT (knockdown).
Lightweight characters: Since you can't get a knockdown, you may as well go for damage: Stun Dipper > RC (2nd hit) > Dash 2P/6P/5K > 5S > JC > Air combo

Of course, if you can kill a middleweight character with the air combo instead of the knockdown combo, you may as well do it. With heavy characters, sometimes you can interpose a Greed Sever before going into the VT knockdown combo for extra damage, but it's a little situational dependant.

RC combos off of HSVT

These combos are usually off of:
6P > 5S (JI) > 2HS > HSVT
Greed Sever > 5P (sometimes) > 5S (JI) > 2HS > HSVT

Once you RC the HSVT, against average weight characters, you can follow up with:
Air Dash > Land > 5S > 2HS > HSVT

There are a lot of situations where this can come up, so look for them. However, if you get a liitle too greedy and try getting 2 hits off the 2HS when you do the follow up, you will lose your knockdown.

For lightweight characters it's a little bit harder:
Air dash > Land > 5P/6P > 5S > Air Combo

If you send a lightweight character into the corner though, you can also do:
Air Dash > Dust > Land > Jump (air dust hits) > Air Combo

With middleweight characters though, you can go right into the VT loop:
Air Dash > Dust > Land > (air dust hits) > HSVT > 5S > 2HS (sometimes) > HSVT

Unless you're up against a heavy character, it's probably best to leave the 2HS out because it may ruin your knockdown. That of course, depends on how many hits you landed in your combo before you sent them into the corner. Again, it's rather situational.

2D > Sacred Edge

If you have over 50% tension, you can FRC the Sacred edge and follow up afterwards with a combo, although sometimes you may not need to FRC. The FRC isn't usually worth it unless you didn't do that many hits or their guard bar is really high since the Sacred Edge hits five times, causing severe damage reduction. Also, for characters like Ky, Robo-Ky, and Dizzy, it won't even work. On those characters, you'd have to do something like 2D > Stun Dipper > RC (on first hit) > 5S or 2D > Stun Dipper > FRC > 5P (although that's really hard). Those combos also suck and usually aren't worth it.

RC combos off of 6K

During the 5S > 6K loop, you can RC the 6K into Dash > 5S to continue the loop further. Although if you had the tension to do that, usually ending the loop with 2D > Sacred Edge > Follow-up will do more damage for the tension if that character will get hit by 2D > Sacred Edge.

HSVT > 2D > Sacred Edge

In the corner after a HSVT, if they're high enough but you're too far away to do 5S, then this will work against Ky, Axl, Eddie, Potemkin, Chipp, Anji, Jam, Venom, Testament, Slayer, Ino and Robo-ky. The other characters will usually fall too fast.

2HS counterhit > 2D

On some characters, linking 2HS counterhit into a whiffed 2D will allow you to follow up with a 5S as they're falling towards you. Such characters are Sol, Ky, Millia, Faust, Axl, Jam, and Robo-Ky. For example, you could follow up 2HS (counterhit) > 2D (whiff) into 5S > 2HS > HSVT for the middle weight characters, although there are some exceptions:
Faust: 2HS (2nd hit) counterhit > 2D > 6P > 5S > 2HS > HSVT is better.
Milia: 6P > 5S > HJC > S > P > S(JC) > S > HS > VT will do 204 damage, which is better since you can't get a knockdown off the other method.
Jam: 6P > 5S > HJC > K > S (JC) > P > S > HS > VT will do 168 damage
For other characters, the 2D will usually hit. In that case, you will have to do 2D > JC > K > S > P > S(JC) > S > HS > VT or you could link to a sacred edge. 2HS is a good poke that you should use to check your opponent with every now and then to see if you get a counterhit in.