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11/26/05 -
Changes in Animeband 0.6.0a
  • Switch to Cygwin/GCC instead of VC++. Source changed somewhat so that it compiles in Cygwin GCC.
  • Chuukei patch added. Now you can have people watch you play, or watch other people play. Currently there are no servers for non-Japanese players, so there's no explanation on how it works. However, if someone is willing to host a server, download this: and e-mail me. (Habu, iks, Shun, PhaethonH)
  • Movie playback and record feature available. Saves in the lib/user directory as an amv file. Records about 10 minutes per meg. Thanks to iks for this wonderful feature.
  • Fixed version number
  • Fixed dash and pyrotechnics crash
  • Fixed Sand glitch. Sand was only doing 1/6th damage instead of 2/3rds. (Deliverything)
  • Fixed Wizard mode damage display glitch; was displaying wrong numbers (Deliverything)
  • Replacement Technique will now only work 25% of the time for the player.
  • Armor of Sand only blocks attacks 25% of the time.
  • Moon the Cat no longer sits there like an idiot
  • Last boss changed from Neo to Raoh (Hokuto no Ken)
  • Lupin now has replacement technique. Color changed to red.
  • Fixed Umbrella of Eagle and other artifact oddities
  • A few monster name oddities fixed (natsukemono).
  • Taunt and Pose glitch crash glitch fixed (??) Also, taunt and pose speed glitch fixed. Possibly the same?
  • Town level creatures no longer tauntable for meter.
  • Fixed rather silly Sanjiyan Sand glitch.
  • Replacement Technique for monsters forces monsters to wake up.
  • Testing: XAngband Style status bar and level feeling (MarRabbit, iks)
  • Testing: Naive solution to the so-called "Too Much Junk" problem. Gold is dropped most of the time; presumption that whatever player needs is in Black Market. Black Market just hands you the item now. The too_much_junk option changes the distribution to normal if shut off. Default is off.
  • Number of creatures with ONLY_ITEM flag severely reduced.
  • Testing: Hastily modified char dump to output resistances and sustains
  • Fixed odd spellbook bug (Henkma)
  • Fixed Rasengan bug (sorta). At least it doesn't crash. (p_ouji)
  • Made Randart exceptions to Triumph and Perseverence.
  • Testing: Tsukuyomi now does stuff.
  • Fixed mimicing glitch. (p_ouji)
  • Fixed negative mana glitch, I think (p_ouji)
  • Fixed odd Sharingan/Byakugan glitch where it doesn't dissipate despite zero mana.
  • Testing: XAngband targeting system (iks).
  • Fixed negative meter gain Sand Glitch (p_ouji)

    9/24/05 - 11/26/05
    Changes in Animeband
  • Timing changed to remove movement clumping based on a modification of Kornelis' solution, only this should cover all cases. Thanks to Vaevictus for doing an algorithm analysis on my variation to ensure that it works :).
  • Fixed "Umbrella of Axl-Low" glitch and other amusing artifact oddities
  • Fixed mecha weight glitch for sentai.
  • Sentai can no longer taunt/pose level one creatures.
  • New artifacts and monsters.
  • Drain mana removed from mimicing for now (it didn't do anything anyways).
  • Fixed Regen glitch for cosplayers
  • Fixed silly Ninja overflow glitch

    10/30/04 - 9/23/05
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.9
  • New Icon ^_^
  • Fixed a bug with the replacement technique that put a log in your mecha slot (K2White)
  • Fixed minor SFX glitch when giving someone an item.
  • Targeting system changed for Mimic, Talking, and Giving
  • Put level restrictions on Happy Fun Puzzle Land, Pagoda, and Tokyo Tower
  • Aman changed to Shinsengumi
  • Elvenkind changed to Genji
  • Holy Avenger changed to Holy Order
  • EXTRA_SHOT flag given to Sentai, Warrior, and Ninja
  • All mechas now have feather falling
  • Dust toned down slightly
  • Kira Guards damage increased from 20d10 to 20d15. Experience gained from killing guard cut in half. Dungeon level reduced to lvl 1. Should no longer appear in normal dunegons.
  • Added a confirmation prompt when 'p' is pressed
  • Dango san-Kyodai changed from DROP_1D3 to DROP_1D2 (Raist)
  • Lots of new monsters. Worms ('w') replaced with Weird Creatures. Ants ('a') replaced with Android goons. Nagas ('n') replaced with turtles. Orcs ('o') replaced with sentai. Someone may want to suggest better letters here.
  • Replaced some sounds
  • Mimic class removed. Mimicing is now a Ninjutsu and no longer has to require an adjacent monster.
  • Super Punch from Chi Warrior now sends them flying 13 spaces on average instead of 5. Induced Stun reduced by half. Renamed to Shinkansen (because you hit like a train ^_^).
  • Warriors given STUN_HANDS flag. Warrior hits will now induce stun on good or better hits. Warriors start with Katanas instead of Broadswords.
  • Android nuke limit break changed from GF_FIRE to GF_RADI (radiation damage). Behaves just just like a tactical nuke would.
  • New weapon types: Weapons of Float will launch monsters into the air on a good or better hit.
  • New Class: Ninjas (replacing Mimic)
  • New Class: Cosplayer (replacing Paladin)
  • New Class: Sentai (replacing Ranger)
  • New Race : Moogles
  • New Fighting Style: Sand
  • Priest prayers sometimes cost no mana (player level dependent random event, done by INTERVENTION flag)
  • Warning message now given if you're close to being drunk, and also when you're close to being sober.
  • You can now request items from the black market. Only one type of item (though you can request multiple items), and it'll be delivered to you. Will cost 100% extra of black market price. You can only have one delivery at a time, and you cannot request another item until delivery succeeds or fails. Max 20 of an item per request (to avoid stupid overflow errors). Incidentally, this code is so ugly that sometimes I wake up and cry at night thinking about it...
  • Broadsword of Perseverance and Quarterstaff of Triumph weight restored to 050 weights + 75 pounds to make it very difficult to abuse. Upped the unwanted summoning chance from 5% to 20%. Induces Teleportation randomly.
  • New artifacts replacing all of the stupid ones.
  • Kira's Helmet is now a forced set drop (or it should be).
  • Updated docs (everything should now be current; if not please tell me)
  • Random Title Screens! I thought this would be kinda cool.
  • New throwing weapons (Shuriken, Kunai) appear in general store now
  • Magic Knight swords can no longer be store items.
  • Magic Knights are given more spells.
  • Terrible Engrish (Student) replaced with Gaijin Smash
  • Wrath (Chi Warrior) replaced with "THE WORLD!"
  • Cure/Heal potions/staves/spells/activates are now percentage based rather than set die roll.
  • Battle Arena quest replaced with Dueling Guild. Vegeta is now a normal dungeon monster. Dueling guild allows hundred men battles (hyakunin kumite) as well has having a list of uniques challenge you. Quest is completed upon clearing the list.
  • Monster leaks to wrong locations should be fixed, hopefully.
  • Quest quota eliminated. Side quests are now optional.
  • Train ticket price eliminated.
  • Artifacts can be dropped by Wilderness creatures. Quality of items dropped by wilderness creatures increased.
  • Fixed a bug that put Pagoda uniques in the dungeon.
  • Wizard mode allows meter adjustment as well (PhaetonH)
  • Added a little surprise in the town once you reach a certain depth ^_^
  • Changed the history a little bit to be a bit more animeish
  • Fixed a small Student display glitch
  • Rune of Protection replaced by Gaijin Perimeter
  • Life Insurance scrolls work a little bit better.

  • Todo:
  • Doujins
  • Squelch?
  • Monster Personality Matrix
  • Monsters with Meter bars that can super

    9/24/04 - 10/30/04
    Changes in Animeband
  • More spelling mistakes fixed (Achijah)
  • Removed floating eye insta-kills. *SHOULD* no longer happen.
  • Display bug when examining items in a store is now fixed (Kusunose Toru)
  • croff() bug fixed from older version of Angband (Kusunose Toru)
  • Monsters "Natto" and "Dango-san Kyodai" added
  • Fixed glitch that causes sound to crash Animeband in WinXP. Sound should work now.
  • Fonts should now display correctly in WinXP (Robert Ruehlmann, Kusunose Toru)

    9/23/04 - 9/24/04
    Changes in Animeband
  • Reduced occurances of Demonic Door (was depth/120 per door, now depth/180).
  • Fixed some more misspellings and data values, courtesy of Kusunose Toru

    6/27/04 - 9/22/04
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.8
  • 'u' stands for Mechanical monsters now. There will most likely be balance issues -_-.
  • Fixed a stupid glitch that makes compiling not work in other OSes.
  • Changed some data values and misspellings (Saiya-jin), courtesy of Kusunose Toru
  • Changed names in the random name generator, courtesy of Kusunose Toru
  • Added some new uniques and monsters
  • Added the origin of the monster in the monster description
  • Added artifact descriptions! You get to see how much thought I actually put into the artifacts :)
  • Sanjiyan limit break changed to Wu Transformation.
  • Similar to Super Sayajin, only much more powerful.
  • GOI and no mana consumption during transformation
  • Once transform is complete, the strain reduces you to zero hp and mp, and paralyzation occurs.
  • Transformation does not last very long.
  • Created some most evil new flags
  • New Quest - Pagoda. Does not work from a pre 058 save file however. Solving this quest will give you better damage reduction.
  • Updated Chi Warrior FAQ
  • Students and Magic Knights are better with mechas than other classes. Guns will do more damage, and you'll get hit less.
  • To compensate for some rather bad evil, taunt has been replaced by intrinsic class powers (the 'U' key). These powers cost meter, but they're very useful.
  • A new helpful unique is there too. Go find him.
  • Note: You probably won't survive if you try going past DL 100 :)

  • Clean up the Wilderness code and make it more customizable
  • Survival mode game?
  • More powers for Chi Warrior
  • Sacred Edge
  • Primary Lotus
  • Nightmare Circular
  • Firebird Attack
  • Explosion Pills
  • Chidori (All meter into one blow)
  • Leaf Slash

    5/22/04 - 6/27/04 Changes in Animeband 0.5.7

  • Androids never go hungry.
  • Lose less HP per turn in Drunk Style. Alcohol lasts a little longer.
  • Study glitch fixed
  • Increased Parry Success, Parry Life recovery, Water style now gains meter when attacked.
  • Juraians int/wis is +3/+3, Sanjiyan int/wis is +5/+5
  • Metal style builds meter slightly slower
  • Added the Hengband monster speaking patch, courtesy of koka
  • Upgraded Hententmon and Ctarl
  • Ctarl Stealth, lowered Juraian Stealth.
  • Mimic strength penalty changed from -5 to -2
  • Mimic mp loss during mimic changed from one mp every three turns to one every ten turns.
  • Mimic has much better stealth
  • Blade catch 50% less likely
  • Fixed an idiot glitch that disables you from beating the game. Thanks, AdamH :P

  • Add Blue Monsters
  • FAQ
  • Dante's sword
  • Throw ?
  • Enlightenment limit break
  • Chi Warrior Power - Issen
  • New weapon types - Fan,
  • Store back rooms :)
  • Helpful creatures - Araiguma Rascal and Doraemon

    4/20/04 - 5/22/04
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.6:

  • Added the HTML screenshot patch. It spews funky ASCII sometimes though...
  • Blade catching is toned down quite significantly. Also, only a few monsters have it now.
  • Increased chances in cooking success.
  • New Dust attack flag for weapons and monsters. Also add NO_LAUNCH flag. Allows players to paralyze monsters.
  • New artifacts
  • Fixed a Magic Knight Glitch
  • Adjusted Fire and Drunk groove to do more damage
  • Updated Documents somewhat

  • Weapon descriptions
  • FAQ
  • Dante's sword
  • Throw ?
  • Enlightenment limit break
  • Chi Warrior Power - Issen

    4/02/04 - 4/20/04
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.5:

  • A VERY bad Magic Knight glitch fixed (if you hit level 50, weapon turns into an umbrella. Woo-hoo. This won't happen anymore :))
  • Magic Knights nerfed a bit. I felt that they were too strong.
  • Some people may have gotten an old changes.txt file. In that case ignore the part about the Magic Knights. The dice/sides DO evolve.
  • Chi Warrior Powers finally correctly implemented. I also nerfed them a lot because they seem severely unbalanced. They can't cook well either or wield shields. Oh well, only time will tell.
  • Mimics nerfed slightly.
  • Some monsters can "blade catch" you. MWAHAHAHAHA!
  • Reduced required quests from 4 to just 2. You must solve two quests and kill Lina for the stairs to appear to DL 100, if you're in quest mode. Currently there are only 6 quests available..of course, this will change eventually.
  • On the plus side, there's a new scroll called "Life Insurance". Maybe this will make the game a lot easier.
  • Some new, most evil monsters :)
  • Some new vaults

  • Use flags more often instead of ghetto code :)
  • Implement a most evil AI....hopefully it'll be nastier than 4GAI.

    9/08/03 - 4/02/04
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.4:

  • QUESTS!!
  • Vending Machines and Ramen stands...oh my :)
  • More tiles
  • Decided to cancel the idea of respawning uniques for now. Had some odd trouble with this.
  • Finally got rid of the useless load1.c
  • Magic Knight glitch fixed. If you're loading an earlier version, just level up to the next 10n, and it'll be fixed from there.
  • Sanjiyan new limit break: Raging Demon
  • Bullets do a lot more damage (from people who shoot guns)
  • Some new monsters
  • Fixed a metal/mecha glitch
  • Wrote a wilderness maker that combines the graph
  • like properties of Un with the customizability of ToME. I had fun with this one ^_^
  • "Wildernesses" are accessible by a Train Station, located at the top left of the town. It costs 300 AU to board the train.
  • Mechas no longer lose life for firing guns
  • Mecha HP replaces player HP on the screen when you wield a mecha.
  • New classes, Mimic and Chi Warrior. Mimics can mimic whatever monster is adjacent to them with the 'O' key. Chi Warriors are not allowed to use weapons, but get a punch bonus, and learn powers from parchments. Once a power is learned, it can be swapped into your knowledge queue for use at any time.
  • Limit Break command changed to 'p'
  • New command: Press CTRL-T to talk to people.
  • New command: Press CTRL-B to give an item to someone.
  • New command: Press CTRL-H to cook items.
  • Student and Mimic transform state extended a bit longer.
  • Updated docs to a degree
  • Two types of games are available: Classical for the V lovers, and Quest mode for people who like quests. If you use an old version savefile, it will default to Classical.
  • Mecha repair scrolls are available. However, they weigh 500 pounds. :)

  • Make some of the mimic powers less retarded
  • Monster mana....anyone?
  • Sort out the terrains and object list (get rid of that stupid "pit" glitch)
  • Remap the controls so they're more intuitive (need to look at the roguelike keyset)
  • More tiles/monsters
  • More quests, I guess.
  • Implement AI....after Monster mana.

    8/02/03 - 9/08/03
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.3:

  • Added a random name generator
  • Added more monsters
  • Fixed a small error in the display console
  • Added a RISC OS makefile (courtesy of ajps)
  • Vegeta now apperars at DL 75
  • Photon toned down slightly
  • Miyamoto Musashi moved to a deeper DL
  • Added some new tiles (8X8, click on old tiles, courtesy of Tybwyn) 7/11/03 - 8/02/03
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.2:

  • Idiotic Paladin Glitch fixed
  • Fixed *really* abusable Student glitch, so now Student transform is no longer instant. In exchange, student mana costs for the last two spells are lower.
  • It is now pointless to enchant Magic Swords, as the to hit and to dam will be level dependent.
  • Magic Knights toned down just slightly (probably not noticeable)
  • Sky Dragon Student and Magic Knight glitch fixed. The exp needed to level up is now correct.
  • Black Market may sell some strange food stuffs. That is fine. It will be part of an upcoming "Cooking" feature.
  • Some new monsters added -> I am running out of ideas. Suggestions welcome.
  • Kamitori no longer spawn. 5/23/2003 - 7/11/03
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.1:

  • Meter is now displayed in file dump
  • Player now takes longer to sober up
  • You can theoretically no longer die from Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Mana cost for Student powers are increased
  • Students get less bonuses from transform
  • Student Limit Break costs more
  • Students need a LOT more EXP to level up
  • Water no longer auto parry 0 damage attacks
  • Wind no longer auto dodges 0 damage attacks
  • New Mechas added
  • Some new monsters added
  • Some misspellings corrected
  • Some tables updated
  • Some Artifacts changed
  • Psuedo-Japanese scroll titles implemented
  • Charisma potions now cost the same as other stat potions
  • Mapped Student Powers, Prayers, and Rayearth Powers to the 'm' key for ease of use
  • New Class added - Magic Knight
  • Magic Knights get a perma cursed weapon that is wielded since birth
  • Weapon of Magic Knight Evolves, and starts with brand depending on Groove
  • Magic Knights also get 3 intrinsic spells depending on groove
  • Once the Magic Knight hits level 50, they can wield any weapon they wish
  • Venom attack added
  • Taunting added. It is the 'U' key
  • New Desktop Icon
  • Hello Kitty toned down a lot
  • Yumi Saotome appears rarely now and is slower
  • Makefiles fixed (I think) 6/02/2002 - 5/23/2003
    Changes in Animeband 0.5.0 (from Angband 2.9.3):

  • New Sound FX
  • Added new monsters and new and interesting artifacts.
  • New Races with new resistances and stat bonuses/penalties
  • New and hopefully interesting spells for mages (priest prayers remain untouched)
  • Has its own version number and name ^_^
  • A new meter system is implemented. When you get max meter, you are allowed to "limit break" (or "super", whatever you want to call it). Such supers are dependent on what race you are and usually have good effects. When you have maximum meter, press 'Z' to super.
  • A new fighting style system is implemented. The groove system affects how you gain meter along with some other things (critical hits, dodges, parrys, etc.)
  • You can get drunk in this game :)) Though, the effects aren't exactly good.
  • Some uniques never die.
  • Some monsters will hit you, regardless of what armor you're wearing. There are monsters out there which I suggest you run from...