Animeband gets you laid and other comments

On request, I have posted some fun mail and conversations I have had over Animeband over the years. My call sign is Yumi_Saotome on #angband. Enjoy.

From #angband:
<italy> hot girl i see
<italy> she's in front of me
<italy> and I'm on m laptop
<italy> I should hit on this girl
<Aerdan> watch out, she might have a giant hammer.
<italy> Thanks to Yumi_Saotome, I will never laid.
<italy> fuck Animeband

From #angband the next day:
01:06:38 <italy> Yumi_Saotome, just to let you know, I made out with a girl while animeband was running
01:06:47 <Yumi_Saotome> lol
01:06:49 <Durandal7> wtf..
01:07:02 <Yumi_Saotome> I have to quote that shit
01:07:07 <End_user> LOL
01:07:11 <End_user> meh
01:07:11 <italy> well I did :P
01:07:13 <[Bond]-T30> ANIMEBAND GETS YOU LAID
01:07:15 <End_user> even italy gets more then me
01:07:19 <End_user> and I live in banff for fucks sake
01:07:30 <italy> End_user, I partied this weekend :P
01:07:39 <italy> if you didn't know already, somehow ;P
01:07:54 <Yumi_Saotome> Animeband hasn't gotten me laid :P
01:07:58 <End_user> lol
01:08:03 <italy> well
01:08:07 <italy> the laptop was in the same room
01:08:12 <italy> and animeband was running :P

A gift from robin of #angband:

From #angband:
<italy_> I installed animeband on all the computers in the library

* Bisclaveret likes andyfied too
<dionysian> Bisclaveret, did you just try to autocomplete animeband?
<Bisclaveret> er
<Bisclaveret> yes
<dionysian> you lose
<Bisclaveret> damn
<Bisclaveret> lol
<Fennec> andyfied: feel the love!

<italy> Yumi_Saotome, my friend and I talked about animeband for 2 hours two days ago.
<Yumi_Saotome> wtf
<Yumi_Saotome> I don't think I've ever talked about Animeband for more than 30 minutes IRL o_o
<italy> Yumi_Saotome, we talked about everything.
<italy> we even talked about you, Yumi_Saotome



From e-mails:

"Thank you so much for letting me tentacle rape Sailor Moon! She even dropped the School Uniform of the Lolis!"