Ky Glitches

Air CSE (Crescent Stun Edge) and Multiple CSE

These are perhaps the most well known. On a FRC'ed (False Roman Canceled) CSE, the game will briefly think that there is no CSE on the screen just yet. During that moment, you can quickly throw another CSE, or you can jump and have the CSE follow you. In fact, you can even put more than two CSEs on the screen at the same time, although that's a waste of tension in actual play. So it's basically either 236+HS > FRC > Jump or 236+HS > FRC > 236+HS.

Unblockable CSE and others

The Sacred Edge super (236236 + P) has an interesting quirk to it. When you do that super, it will freeze the opponent into whatever current frame he's under until Ky complete's doing that circle motion with his hand. However, any fireball or air dust on the screen that Ky has will keep animating. So for example, if you do 236+HS > FRC > 236236 + P, if they weren't already blocking before the super freeze, they'll get hit by the CSE and many times the Sacred Edge as well. The CSE will keep going and hit them in their freeze frame, which in this case, was the other character not blocking. You can also make a jump dust "unblockable" in this way too.

Air Dash and double jump off of the same jump

Normally, you can only air dash or double jump off of the same jump; you cannot do both. However, if you IB (instant block), FD, or block a projectile or something in the air while you're dashing, you can do a double jump or even a second air dash since your air options are reset.

Air Stun Edge Recovery Cancel

Try this as an experiment: Do an ASE (air stun edge), and then immediately FD (faultless defense) and hold it. You will notice that when Ky lands, there is a point where he can't FD because he has to recover from throwing an ASE. However, you can cancel that recovery by simply double jumping. This also works for jumping dust too. In fact, you can throw a second ASE when you double jump, although you will have recovery time off of that if you do not FRC.

Another way to cancel the recovery is to air dash and hit your opponent *right* before you land. This is a little more situational, but if done right, the game will be tricked into using your attack's recovery instead, which is significantly lower. However, if you do it wrong, you'll land in front of your opponent while recovering. Worse, if you try to FRC your recovery after attempting this, sometimes the game will simultaneously RC your attack AND FRC your recovery, causing you to lose 75% tension!

There's also another way that involves proximity blocking which has been done by accident many times, but so far no one has explained how to do it yet.

RC > Air Dash without Jump Install

Normally, in order to air dash after you RC your VT (Vapor Thrust), you need to do what's called a JI or Jump Install. However, in some situations, such as just when you land, you can actually RC VT or Sever, and air dash immediately afterwards so long as you have not hit down on the stick yet. Thus, you can do some funky combos like Jump HS > 5HS > HS VT > RC > Air Dash > etc. This is also known as an "Auto Jump Install" since the game sorta automatically gives you a jump install when it shouldn't.

Corner Air Throw Glitch

When Ky airthrows someone into the corner, the person will briefly face the wrong way on his getup. The best way to take advantage of this is to run up and Greed Sever, which will actually cross your opponent over in the corner, or you can also do a jumping kick, which will also cross over. I made Ky do a wakeup VT to show that indeed, Ky wakes up facing the wrong way here. You can also mess opponents up by spacing it so that your greed sever doesn't cross over too. There are lots of interesting options off of this.

One of the players (player 1 or 2?) can also make the cross over Greed Sever semi-unpunishable in the corner and also keep the opponent in the corner if it hits. On some characters though, like Millia or Dizzy, it may whiff, so be careful.

Corner Bounce Glitch

If you DAA (Dead Angle Attack, aka alpha counter) a person into the corner, there is a slight moment where if the person hits the corner and the floor at the same time, the game will register him as being on the floor. So, you can RC (roman cancel) your DAA, run up and, if timed right, DUST your opponent into the air! Pretty crazy, huh? It's not exactly useful, as it costs 100% tension to do pathetic damage in a highly specific situation, but you never know. It actually doesn't have to be a DAA; it can be any hit that causes your opponent to bounce in the corner, however in Ky's case, the only way to do it is by a DAA.

Fuzzy Guard

There is some debate in the American community over the definition of Fuzzy Guard. Some think it's the "mash on block" tactic, where you block low, then immediately high then low again in order to avoid any overhead. I always thought fuzzy guard referred to this glitch, so whatever. Anyways, this glitch occurs when you force someone to block something high and then they try to immediately block low. What happens is that for some reason, the game will think you're blocking low, but the guard animation will look like you're blocking high instead. In fact, if you do an overhead (like a greed sever) at this point, it will actually hit them as if they were standing up and doing nothing. The best way to take advantage of this is to make them block an air FRC CSE, and then land and dust or greed sever.

This also occurs when your opponent blocks something in the air as well. When you land and try to block low immediately, the game will register it as a block low, but your blocking animation will be a block high instead.

Double Hit Glitch

You may notice that the more you hit the person, the more pushback you will encounter, even if he is blocking. However, if you time a jump dust to hit at the same time as a ground hit, there will be zero pushback. This can be very useful in the corner; for example, jump dust, land, 5S, then you can almost immediately throw because there's no pushback. It also doesn't have to be a jumping dust; any two simultaneous attacks (CSE and 5K) will also work.

Zero Pushback Glitch

Currently, I don't have any pictures of it, but if you force a person to block just as they are trying to jump, they will stick to the ground and you can do block strings to INFINITUM! Of course, your opponent isn't going to be that stupid; he will FD or DAA out, but still cool looking nonetheless.

Crossover Ride The Lightning Glitch

When you run, jump, and then cancel into the Ride The Lightning super, it will crossover your opponent during the freeze frame. Probably useful only once in a match. Thanks to JetEnduro for the pictures.

Throw Glitch

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it so if someone could kindly send me some that would be awesome. If you throw your opponent right when he's about to jump, a lot of strange things will happen. For example, your opponent may fly off the screen!

Stun Edge Misses At Point Blank

Not really a glitch; it's more like poor character design. Ky's stun edge materializes so far in front of him that it is possible to miss at point blank. It's just further evidence that he sucks.

Some pictures borrowed from Kamoserio, 19 Sekiensen and crew, and JetEnduro as I was too lazy to do it myself ^_^;. Props to y'all and also to Final Showdown for explaining some of the glitches.