Useful Match Videos

These are a collection of match videos to illustrate what you should and should not do in various matchups. Hopefully these videos are illustrative as to what works when playing against certain characters. If you think you have a match vid that better illustrates a matchup, please e-mail me.

vs Anji

orakuru (Ky) vs suzu (Anji)
faith (Ky) vs yukinose (Anji) - Although this is an XX match (not #R), this is still cool. Just remember that Ky does not have the VT loop in XX.

vs Axl

ushifua (Ky) vs menso (Axl)

vs Baiken

kappa (Baiken) vs buppa (Ky)
mitsutoshi (Ky) vs Sharon (Baiken) - Sharon got ghettoed to death.

vs Bridget

mitsutoshi (Ky) vs yukinose (Bridget)

vs Chipp

buppa (Ky) vs sekirei (Chipp)

vs Dizzy

orakuru (Ky) vs keba (Dizzy)

vs Eddie

faith (Ky) vs MSY (Eddie) - Probably my favorite match vid of all time

vs Faust

mitsutoshi (Ky) vs hakkuru (Faust) - Note that Mittie claims that his wakeup RTL was a complete accident.

vs Ino

Ten (Ino) vs buppa (Ky)

vs Jam

Masashi-chan (Ky) vs kaqn (Jam)
buppa (Ky) vs kaqn (Jam)

vs Johnny

mitsutoshi (Ky) vs sanma (Johnny)
faith (Ky) vs yua (Johnny) - Although this is XX, this illustrates the infamous "Faith Barrage", i.e. zoning people to death with stun edges. It still works.

vs Ky

mitsutoshi (Ky) vs buppa (Ky) - if I can find it!

vs May

MNE (Ky) vs VERSUS (May)

vs Millia

chirumi (Ky) vs. woshige (Millia)

vs Potemkin

Masashi-chan (Ky) vs MGA (Potemkin)

vs Robo-Ky

R.F. (Robo-Ky) vs rook (Ky)

vs Slayer

hakumen (Slayer) vs machabo (Ky)

vs Sol

faith (Ky) vs gatyo (Sol)
umehara(sol)_vs_mitsutoshi_(ky) - So sad....

vs Testament

mitsutoshi (Ky) vs shonen (Testament)

vs Venom

faith (Ky) vs zakiyama (Venom)
buppa (Ky) vs mozaiku (Venom)

vs Zappa

rook (Ky) vs poteto (Zappa)