The Broad Sword 'Aranruth' (3d5) (+20,+12)
This broader version of the long sword is a standard weapon in the army of
The beautiful sword of Thingol with a hilt of gold and silver inlay,
glistening icily enough to freeze the hearts of demons. You feel supple
and lightfooted as you hold it.
It increases your strength, dexterity and constitution by 4. It does
extra damage from frost. It is especially deadly against dragons. It
strikes at demons with holy wrath. It strikes at undead with holy
wrath. It fights against evil with holy fury. It sustains your
strength and constitution. It provides immunity to paralysis. It
makes you completely fearless. It provides resistance to life draining
, cold, nether and chaos. It allows you to see invisible monsters.
It slows your metabolism. It speeds your regenerative powers. It has
been blessed by the gods. It cannot be harmed by acid, cold,
lightning or fire.
Level 20, Rarity 45, 15.0 lbs, 125000 Gold

(T.o.M.E. 2.3.5)