The Mage Staff of Forochel (3d4) (-12,-8)(60%)
It looks like a simple walking stick, plain and nondescript. In the hands
of a spellcaster, it can be a deadly weapon.
A shaft of pure, invincible crystal cut from the heart of one of the great
glaciers ringing the Ice-Bay of Forochel. While you hold it, your mind
feels as clear as the winter sky.
It can be wielded two-handed. It increases your intelligence, wisdom,
infravision and spell power by 3. It increases your mana capacity by
60%. It sustains your intelligence and wisdom. It provides immunity
to cold. It provides resistance to blindness. It renders you
especially vulnerable to fire. It allows you to see invisible
monsters. It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.
Level 65, Rarity 70, 6.0 lbs, 60000 Gold

(T.o.M.E. 2.3.5)