The Set of Gauntlets 'Camlost' (-11,-12) [2,+0]
Metal gloves protecting the hands up to the middle of the lower arm.
A pair of gauntlets that sap combat ability, named after the empty hand of
Beren that once clasped a Silmaril.
It decreases your strength and dexterity by 3. It provides immunity
to fire and cold. It provides immunity to paralysis. It provides
resistance to poison, nether and disenchantment. It drains mana. It
induces random teleportation. It aggravates nearby creatures. It is
heavily cursed. It carries an ancient foul curse. It cannot be
harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.
Level 10, Rarity 20, 2.5 lbs, 0 Gold

(T.o.M.E. 2.3.5)