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The Catapult Trap Set of Ahromarwar (+25,+15) [+30]
It must be loaded with sling bullets, which will be fired at the monster
who triggers the trap.
A trap that can almost never be detected. Its missiles may be mere
pebbles, but fired at an incredibly high velocity to penetrate even the
toughest hide or armour.
It is well-hidden. It rearms itself. It fires missiles with extra
might. It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.
Level 20, Rarity 10, 4.0 lbs, 20000 Gold (T.o.M.E. 2.3.5)

The Sling 'Catapult' (x3) (+20,+10)
+2 to DEX, Infravision
Activates for a ball of pitch (50) every 25+d25 turns
Level 10, Rarity 3, 0.5 lbs, 7500 Gold (Gumband 2.2.3)

The Sling 'Catapult' (x3) (+20,+30%)
+2 to DEX, Infravision
Activates for heal (45) every 10 turns
Level 12, Rarity 8, 0.5 lbs, 7500 Gold (ZAngband 2.7.2)

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