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The Power Dragon Scale Mail 'Tortureskin' (-15 to hit) [40,-95]
-6 to all stats, speed, mana and health. It increases resistances: +30%
acid, +30% electricity, +30% fire, +30% cold, +30% water, +30% poison, +30%
disease, +30% light, +30% dark, +30% sound, +30% shards, +30% nexus, +30%
nether and +30% chaos. it burdens its wielder with spellcasting
disruption, random teleportation, aggravation, experience drain, item drain
and a taint. It is heavily cursed. It is vulnerable to damage by
disenchantment. When worn and activated, it lowers your stats permanently
and damages you, recharging every 10 turns.
Level 80, Rarity 10, 60.0 lbs, 0 Gold. (EyAngband 0.5.2)

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