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The One Ring (+20,+20) [+20]
+5 to All stats, Speed
Immunity to Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold
Sustain All stats
See Invisible; Regeneration; Drains Experience; Aggravates; Cursed
Heavily Cursed; Permanently Cursed
Activates for bizarre things every 200+d200 turns
Level 100, Rarity 100, 0.2 lbs, 5000000 Gold (Gumband 2.2.3)

The Ornamental Trident of Poseidon (+13, 4d12)
+2 to health. It increases resistances: +30% water, +20% disease and +20%
sound. It has been blessed by the gods. It modifies damage: x1.7 vs.
plants and x2 fire brand. It is vulnerable to damage by disenchantment.
When wielded and activated, it fires a bolt of water, recharging every
30+d10 turns.
Level 25, Rarity 50, 6.0 lbs, 45000 Gold. (EyAngband 0.5.2)

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