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Fingon and Gothmog by Ted Nasmith
High King of Elves, Fingon, is fighting Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs. He will lose this fight. Year 1471 of First Age.
Usage: Homepage.
Felagund among Beor's Men by Ted Nasmith
Felagund is Finrod's nickname. He went with Beren on the Quest of the Silmaril. First Age.
Usage: The Ladder.
Bilbo at Rivendell by Greg Hildebrandt
Bilbo Baggins is writing his memories in Rivendell. Around 3010 of Third Age.
Usage: Spoiler sections.
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Tuor Reaches the Hidden City of Gondolin by Ted Nasmith
Voronwe came with Tuor to Gondolin. Tuor also carried message from Ulmo to Gondolin's ruler Turgon. Around 1500 of First Age.
Usage: Screenshots gallery.
Old Mage by Keith Parkinson
Tolkien unrelated.
Usage: Haltext search.
Taken from backcover of Silmarillion by Ted Nasmith
Hurin and Huor, when young, was captured by orcs and rescued by eagles, led by Thorondir, the King of Eagles, who took them to Gondolin for safety. Around 1450 of First Age.
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The Shores of Valinor by Ted Nasmith
Elven ship of Teleri, sea elves, cruising shores of Valinor. First age.
Usage: CVS.
At the Sign of the Prancing Pony by Ted Nasmith
The pub in Bree, from Fellowship of the Rings.
Usage: Fun section.
The Attack of the Wraiths by Ted Nasmith
From Fellowship of the Rings. Hobbits are attacked by ringwraiths at Weathertop. Year 3018, October 6, of Third Age.
Usage: #angband gallery and this page.
Password into Moria by Ted Nasmith
Gandalf is trying to solve the passphrase for the west Gate of Moria. The password was Mellon, elven for friend. From Fellowship of the Ring.
Usage: Links section.
Mistress by Keith Parkinson
Tolkien unrelated. The painting is slightly modified to fit the face and the bird into the small image.
Usage: News archive and r.g.r.a looking glass.
God Speed by Edmund Blair Leighton
Tolkien unrelated. This is the painting by one of leading pre-raphaelite artists, painted in year 1900.
Usage: Cmovies section.
Eagles to the Rescue by Ted Nasmith
From Hobbit.
Usage: The Angband Comic section.

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