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A reminder why Free Action is useful, perhaps more so than the 2 immunities this character has

Posted on 21.3.2003 13:50


On 21.3.2003 15:37 wrote:
you have more luck than you deserve. Damn.

On 21.3.2003 18:48 wrote:
Gha this is unfair ! you deserved to die painfully !!! :)

The RNG will get her revendge!

On 23.3.2003 10:41 wrote:
baha. I think you're wrong though.... Who needs free action when youve got that fire aura :)
Gotta love it when they flee in terror from a statue.

On 7.4.2003 07:07 wrote:
Attack of the killer manequin! :) Sit back while the legions of the dead hurl themselves onto a living bonfire.
well done for striking a blow (umm..pose?) for all of us well have die by being paralysed! :)

Now wheres that ring of free action!

Seen 2081 times.

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