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Halls of Mandos (running man)
The adventures of a High elf Sorceror.

Posted on 4.4.2003 06:41


On 4.4.2003 14:06 wrote:
Ahah lol !
erm .. sorry :)

On 5.4.2003 00:53 wrote:
You know, you can press n to repeat last action instead of going through the books etc each time...

On 5.4.2003 04:35 wrote:
Heh, you still got more turns than I ever managed as a lost soul :) But it sure was a funny movie.

On 7.4.2003 06:41 wrote:
Thanks for the "n" tip, still new to the game. Im going to get my macros sorted out too. @!!

On 17.5.2004 00:57 wrote:
I always play Ent unbelievers (warrior subclass), then set my tactic to running/berserker (I have a macro for that). I've taken out a Mage (lvl 28) at level 1 with one of those, and I semi-regularly get to level 20 (where ents get evil esp!). I must've played 200 of those guys...
One of them even got to town! Floor 98 + nexus vortex + glitch in TOME :)

Seen 2505 times.

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