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Raargs Quest, The Journey of a Troll
The is a quest I cooked a up using Lua scripting. Its based heavily on the Amulet quest which fearofours made and the exellent lua scripting help files. I wanted to add a little problem solving. The Magic door creature is based on Farmer Maggot, it used to talk, but kept on complaining about mushrooms, so I turned that off. I'll probably give it some knock knock jokes to tell. The keys in the quest are based on Junk Tval, but Im using that for misc items. Im thinking of adding in some chairs and tables etc as dungeon dressing. Ant thoughts would be welcome.

Posted on 18.4.2003 05:52


On 18.4.2003 06:05 wrote:
err.. that should be *any* thoughts :)

On 18.4.2003 13:51 wrote:
A bit unrandom but fun, I like teh use of a monster as a door :)

You could post the script to in the script section

On 19.4.2003 13:39 wrote:
Hmm... can't you just kill the door?

On 20.4.2003 11:51 wrote:
That depends, some monsters like farmer Maggot, Melinda Proudfoot and Princesses have a NO_DEATH flag which means they wont die, without this flag you can kill them just like any other creature.

The special kind could be used in quest levels or to lock vaults etc, while the garden variety could be hanging around corridors randomly

On 24.4.2003 10:27 wrote:
The quest is now at and available for dowload, it has been slightly changed so beware!

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