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Morgy on a small level
What happens when an evil zombie archer meets morgy on a small level...

Posted on 12.6.2003 22:03

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On 12.6.2003 22:12 wrote:
But you're evil ! :)

On 12.6.2003 22:12 wrote:
woo neat movie. Nice going and congratulations. Now do it without wearing the One Ring. :)

On 12.6.2003 22:35 wrote:
Actually the one hindered more than helped with the drain hp and lowering of max hp.

But my next game is going to be a minimalist char (win game killing no monster other than Necro, Sauron and Morgy), and it would be pretty crazy(er) to go into Mt Doom like that.

Seen 2325 times.

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