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Gandalfs Escape
Just a short scene from a favorite book of mine. :)

Posted on 21.6.2003 19:49


On 21.6.2003 20:03 wrote:
Ohoh neat!:)

On 22.6.2003 17:59 wrote:
Brilliant! I see that all your hard work has payed off. Whats your next project?
~bb }!{

On 22.6.2003 22:02 wrote:
Say, how did you do it ?

On 23.6.2003 11:13 wrote:
he he he, (I do a bit of work and play on Maddy_eliz's computer so shes just impressed that all my fiddling actually does something) :)

The Cmov wasnt to hard to do,

first I built a town with Isengard getting the shape right was tricky :)
For the sky, made a new terrain type ("Sky") based on the Chasm feature and altered it slightly, for a different message.

At the moment I havent implemented gravity (yet he he I plan on this for a lua script it checks if you are on a sky tile and if so pushes you 1 tile down and repeats till you hit solid ground)

Gandalfs wearing a ring of flying so he can move freely on sky tiles. Previously I summoned Gwaiar and told him to go away.

call Gwair to follow me
move down x5
"caught" by the bird
"fly" off into sunset

Gandalf could of flown away by him self but that would have *wrong* and there you have it :)

I might stick Isengard and Hobbiton plus some miscellaneous stuff like sky terrain acid pool features etc into a package for anyone who wants to check it out. :)
Well Ive rattled on enough
Keep Tomeing and remember

The feature is in your hands

red >|<

On 25.6.2003 02:43 wrote:
Hmm... Gandalf seems to jump up and down off his windlord a but...

Still, good work.

(Hmm... side-on dungeons... interesting idea. But using HOOK_MOVE will be very slow...)

On 7.7.2006 14:42 wrote:
funny ringtones

Seen 2967 times.

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