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Melkor battle
Real heartbreaker. Got to Melkor but died from sanity drain. I could've escaped, but my potions were gone and it was really do or die at that point. Unfortunately, this time the decision turned out to be 'die,' but those are the breaks. The Void still remains unconquered with a Warrior.

Posted on 26.10.2003 02:45

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On 26.10.2003 12:22 wrote:
Ahh so close, yet so far .. :)

Anyway you're quite a player you know :)

On 26.10.2003 12:59 wrote:
Hey... your attempt inspired me to finish things up with Chamou. I didn't bother trying to save a movie because I know with my style of playing (i.e. teleporting out until you get very lucky like 200 tries later) probably wasn't conducive to that. How come you never teleported out at all? You could have gone to a different corner of the map, waited for the cure insanity junkart recharge, and then atteacked him again...

On 26.10.2003 18:59 wrote:
Well, thanks for the props, you two. This one was a real downer since I thought I had prepared ideally for the last battle. Once I finally got there, I was in a bad position; didn't have the potions needed to sustain combat with Melkor, couldn't flee the level, and every time I teleported away and cured insanity my potion stock got lower and lower... This was when I decided to take a stand. I knew I would probably die, but at least I went out swinging.

And it took so long for that junkart to recharge that Melkor was always fully healed by the time I was done curing... blah.

On 11.11.2003 06:23 wrote:
I watched the movie just before going to bed:
Probably not the best idea for *my* sanity...

Seen 3427 times.

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