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Evil! (The house quest in Khazad-dum)
I finally got around to making a c-movie of this. Halfway through, I lost my macros (this seems to only happen to me in Theme, btw... I'm not sure why it happens) and that made life a bit more difficult. I made an erroneous comment at the end -- there was no crevasse with that last Balrog. I never did find the loot that was lost, but I didn't bother cutting down the trees, either.

Posted on 4.4.2005 18:27


On 4.4.2005 18:31 wrote:
Something very wrong here...

On 4.4.2005 18:35 wrote:
I grabbed the wrong file. Will resubmit momentarily. Pav, please delete this one.... Thank you!

On 28.7.2006 18:06 wrote:
funny ringtones

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