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This was supposed to be a movie of my mad shooting-around-corners skillz, but when the big guy showed up, I panicked and couldn't get the angles right. Thought I'd post the movie anyway, since I barely got scratched, and wasn't even wielding a Siege or Harad XBow.

Posted on 22.10.2005 15:09

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Zipper, L50 Kobold Ranger


On 22.10.2005 15:16 wrote:
Just watched the movies, and the cursor is not visible, so you can't even see the grid points behind him that I'm aiming at. Maybe with Melkor I'll try to be more scientific instead of using The Force.

On 7.11.2005 18:16 wrote:
I figured out a simple formula to hit around corners that are one space away from the axis of your position.

Simply start one space toward the enemy from your @, then count the number of spaces until your cursor is adjacent to the enemy, then count the same number of spaces in the same direction and move your cursor onto the axis of your enemy's position. So like this...

#####z . . . X.
@. . . . . . . . . .

z is the enemy.
The X is where you want to aim.

Sorry if this comes out funky... this font isn't monospaced, so if you can't read it, you can past it into Notepad or something.

On 9.11.2005 18:52 wrote:
Although, I just realized there's an output option to show the path when you aim. XD So there's no guesswork. Just turn that on and foom. Though area of effect spells either have to hit a wall next to an enemy, or stop directly on top of them, or it'll just fly right past.

On 9.11.2005 23:34 wrote:
Wow, I never knew that, that is useful! This guy retired, but I've got more where he came from. Thanks!

On 9.11.2005 23:39 wrote:
Sorry, how do you do that? Is it in the option '=' menu? Is it something you do when you are targeting? What's XD?

On 10.11.2005 08:58 wrote:
Hit =2 for the second options menu, "Output Options" then scroll down to the next to last option, "Display actual path before shooting" and hit right to switch it to "yes". Tada! Now it'll show a line of *'s indicating which spaces it will travel over, and color the * to whatever creature is underneath them!

Takes all the guesswork out! Though I dunno if that's a good thing or not. :P

On 10.11.2005 12:41 wrote:
Are you playing ToME? I'm running 2.3.2 in linux, and =2 gives me "Disturbance Options". Are you running a module?

On 10.11.2005 17:40 wrote:
Ah! I'm running Hengband actually. XD

What you COULD do, though, is use Hengband's option and diagram where all the spots hit.

Sorry. n.n; I forgot other variants don't let you have any customization options. Anywho, if you want, email me and I'll work out a quick algorithm for it based on the source code. It's actually really simple.

But then again, knowing exactly how to hit the shots might take some of the fun out of it!

On 5.6.2006 21:30 wrote:
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