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gotta love princess
My fifth or so attempt breaking in; any ideas ?

Posted on 10.6.2006 02:06


On 10.6.2006 05:48 wrote:
Is there still a trump tower?

You might be able to LOS abuse them from farther down the corridor? With ball spells or calculated archery?

Those are my initial thoughts.

On 10.6.2006 15:44 wrote:
This is why everyone should play unbelievers, like me. *hum*

On 10.6.2006 17:59 wrote:
Something like stone prison, grow trees or spider webs to block LOS might give you a chance. Do you have spells (from your god, for example)? If not, wands might do. Or teleport them away? (I'm assuming this is ToME - couldn't see anything that confirmed this).

On 10.6.2006 18:25 wrote:
Well, TOME is the only variant with princess quests, and the only one with cmovies, IIRC.

He's a Swordmaster, so his casting options are somewhat limited, and given his piety, I'd expect he's Eru, but I could be wrong.

Anything you can do from down the corner to LOS abuse them would be great. archery around corners, ball spells, teleporting away to deal with them one at a time... Heck a few rods of fireballs at the ones in teh front would be a good start. With some patience, you can probably clear those 6 out, and then the remaning 4 can die in the same way.

Growing trees so you can approach to melee would be freat as well.

On 10.6.2006 21:00 wrote:
Thx for the suggestions; indeed, shortly after uploading this i remembered that worshipping Yavanna gives me grow trees, which i used to block LOS.
Should have thought of that first thing, but, errr, i was a bit drunk when i played :)
I have stoneprision too but non-targetable which isnt much help here.
Posting a dump of Leya the Thunderlord Swordmistress for all who are interested; note that at the time of this cmovie, her symbiosis was only 1 or so.

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