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Pillardancing Thieves Quest
Spectre, to walk through the door and get to the bandit for first kill. I'm a geomancer, which mean's I've got a puny 1d4 geyser to rely upon. It takes more geyser's than I've got to take him, so a few flasks of oil help out. Anyways, it took a few tries to learn the pattern, but once I did... it was beautiful!

Posted on 30.7.2006 04:43


On 30.7.2006 05:12 wrote:
Nice work.

On 30.7.2006 05:33 wrote:
If you haven't seen it, check this out --

A yeek warper takes them out with his dagger...

Of course, it only really take memorizing the pattern and then doing it until you don't screw up. The mage is a tad dicier, though.

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