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Version 2.4.0
Last update: 2005-11-03
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Maintaining editor's note
The previous maintainer no longer has the time to keep the code more-or-less up to date, and so I have taken on the challenge and have made some small steps towards updating it to reflect the changes of the last few years, hopefully with more to follow. Feel free to offer comments and suggestions for improvements.
Original editor's note
Any comments you have regarding this are best discussed in the newsgroup If they are related to the html code itself, you can mail the editor directly. The HTML source to this is still rather mucky and should be cleaned up fairly soon :).

The Angband Code is an attempt to produce a Geek Code-alike allowing you to boast about your Angband prowess, indicate the progress of your current game and/or make your views on such things as set quests and scumming abundantly clear to anyone reading your sig!

The code is structured into three sections - of which you may use one, two, all or none. The three sections are broadly:

  1. Your current (or best previous) character:
    Intended to let you boast about your characer that achieved the most, dived the deepest, won the game in the most convincing way, or that you simply enjoyed most. Alternatively, you can use it to inform the world of the progress of your current character (if you can be bothered to keep your sig up to date everytime you play *band, that is :-)
  2. Your playing style
    To let the world know which variants you play, whether you use the autoscummer, how quickly you dive and so on.
  3. Your *band philosophical outlook
    Do you think scummers are evil? That set quests are an abomination that should be removed from the game? Tell us all! Also, it allows you to indicate your level of source-diving skills. Are you merely a player, or a member of the Guild of Angband Hackers


The Angband Code is in three sections, any, all or none of which may be selected to make up your Angband Code block. The sections each look something like this:



 Z(2.2.3) CWS "Munchkin" GoMo(N) L:23 DL:1800' A+ R+ Sp- w:Sting 

Playing Style


 Z/O(A) Ac H- D- c- f PV+ s- d+ P++ M+ 

*Band Philosophy


 C-- S+ I+ So B+ ac++ GHB- SQ- RQ+ V- F:Oangband rogue enhancements 


 A(2.7.9v6) C "Atomjack III" DP L:34 DL:1800' A R !Sp w:Eriril
 A(2.7.9v6/2.4.f_k) L H- D- c f- PV++ s+ d+ P++ M+
 Z +I(s>) "Locutus" GoMo(N) L:32 DL:1200' A+/++ R++ Sp+ W:Stormbringer
 C- S++ I+ So++ B-- ac !GHB SQ+++ RQ++ V+ F:Golems. And Monks :-)

Note that C+/++ indicates behaviour somewhere between C+ and C++, but closer to C+. An @ added after the section of code (eg C+@) indicates a rating which is vague in some way. Either it fluctuates according to mood, or it depends on the circumstances.



 Z(2.2.3) CWS "Munchkin" GoMo(N) L:23 DL:1800' A+ R+ Sp- w:Sting

Represents a current character in Zangband 2.2.3. "Munchkin" is a Golem Nature Monk, at character level 23, with a few artifacts in hand, all of the low and a few of the high resistances covered, not much in the way of speed items, and wielding the Small Sword 'Sting'. He is also in Wizard mode, and has savefile-scummed at least once. Naughty :-)

Which *Band?

This is the variant code and version (if applicable) for the game in question. As shown in the example, the version number should be in brackets after the code. The list of variants is:

There's bound to be one or two missing either because they're new or because I've overlooked them somehow. Feel free to email me and tell me about any I've missed, even if you don't play them.


The first letter in this group indicates the type of game that the code refers to:

You should also append any of the following that apply:


A current Borg game would be specified as CB.
A fairly studly win might be WI(ta).
A rather pathetic game might be +S(small kobold)


Should be self-evident, really. The only clue you're getting is that this is the character section.


With the diversification of variants, there are many races which are only in one variant, so the list has been split up to make it easier to find the race you're looking for. Some codes are probably used for more than one race, but they are not present in the same variant, so there shouldn't be any confusion.


Other fairly common races






If you are playing a variant (like ToME) with "race modifiers", or one with a "Lost Soul" mode, suffix the following code in parentheses:

e.g. D(Sk) for a skeleton dwarf, or HE(Cl) for a standard high elf.


As with Races, Classes vary hugely from variant to variant, so this has also been subdivided for easier use. Common ones are listed at the top, and then they are divided by the variant they currently appear in (rather than in historical versions). Again, this is unlikely to be complete, feel free to contact me with missing classes, preferably along with the variant they appear in.


Other fairly common classes

Zangband (and some descendants)








Leftovers (not in a current variant)

Special cases

If the character is a mage-type character in a variant which uses Zangband-style "realms" of magic, suffix the class code with parentheses and include the realms used from the following list:

Hengband also uses:

PernBand used its own realms:

e.g. M(SD) for a mage utilising the realms of sorcery and death, or HM(A) for an arcane high mage.


This is simply the current player level of your character, or the level the character was at when the game finished (for a win or stupid death) e.g. L:17

DL:Dungeon Level

Include the deepest dungeon level that your character has dived to here. Can either be in levels (e.g. DL:10) or in feet by appending a '. (e.g. DL:500')

A Artifacts

I've got everything I could possibly want. Bladeturner, Feanor, Fingolfin, Ringil, Stormbringer, Groo, the One Ring, you name it, I've got it.
I'm pretty well kitted out: I've got enough artifact armours to be able to pick and choose and I've got a healthy selection of weapons to choose from.
I've got a few artifacts stored at home and am carrying round four or five. I've got one really nice artifact but am still waiting for a couple more goodies before diving.
I've got one or two artifacts with me and have found all of the useless daggers. Nothing really good, though.
The only artifacts I've found are the Phial and Nimthanc.
The only artifacts I've found are the Phial and Beruthiel.
I haven't found any artifacts yet.
I haven't found any artifacts yet and I'm at 2500'.
Artifacts are for wimps. I'm trying to win with an unenchanted whip.

R Resistances

I'm resistant to everything and immune to fire, cold, lightning, and acid. I scummed for the resist time mutation in Zangband, just to complete the set.
I'm resistant to everything. Where's Morgoth?
I'm pretty well covered, although I have to swap my armour round when a big nether breather appears.
I've got all the low and quite a few of the high resistances covered, but I run in fear from drolems.
I've got all the lows covered and am not really deep enough to worry about the others.
I have to swap shields when fire hounds hove into view.
I still haven't got free action or see invisible.
All my armour is standard stuff from the shop and I'm wielding a normal whip.
I'm trying to win naked.

Sp Speed

I've got a RoS(+57).
When hasted up, I'm faster than anything I've ever met.
I've got a speed item or two, but unfortunately there's no chance of my using the pillar trick on Tiamat.
I've found one ring of speed, but it was only (+1).
I've found forty-seven rings of speed and all of them were cursed.
I've got strength 3 and am usually at speed -15 just from carrying my spellbooks around.
I have yet to see a single speed item.
How do I get these Boots of Pitiless Torment off my feet?

w Character Weapon

The weapon wielded by the character in question. If two or more weapons are alternated, put the most frequently wielded one.

e.g. w:Glaive of Pain or w:Longsword (+5,+9)

Playing Style


 Z/O(A) Ac H- D- c- f PV+ s- d+ P++ M+

The person who wrote this code plays mainly Zangband and Oangband, but plays Vanilla occasionally. He uses an Acorn RISC OS box for his main *banding activities [4]. His standard play style involves haggling off, all monster intelligence options off, little cloning, an ambivalent attitude toward farming, an intelligent/selective approach to pits, nests and vaults, and an avoidance of summoning, amongst other things.

*band variants and versions

This is to to indicate which version(s) you play. For example, for a Zang addict who occasionally plays Kam, Z(Km) would be appropriate. For somebody who only ever plays Sang, put S. A player who divides his attention equally between sCthangband, Oangband and Vanilla would put sC/O/A. If you play a different version to the latest (perhaps you prefer Zangband 2.1.1c, for instance), then add it in parentheses. If you play a modified or patched version, append its code with +.


The list of variants was given in the previous section, there are also a few non-*band roguelikes you can include if you play them and want to...

If you maintain a variant (on any given platform, perhaps the Amiga port or something, as long as you do real work on it) then you are entitled [7] to suffix it with a *.


Your type of machine. Again, this list is still far from exhaustive - if you play using something exotic that you want to have added into the code, mail me.

H Haggling

I love haggling, and go and buy things I don't need simply for the joy of it.
I think haggling adds something to the game and so leave it on.
I used to turn haggling on for buying good items to get around the 10% 'sales tax' until Ben closed this loophole.
I find haggling boring and leave it turned off.
I turn on haggling simply to get myself kicked out of shops.

D Difficulty

I play with all of the monster intelligence options turned on, let monsters exploit my weaknesses and wear an amulet of Aggravate Monster just to make the game harder.
I play with the 'monsters chase' and 'monsters learn from mistakes' options on. Otherwise the monsters are just too stupid.
I turned off all of the monster intelligence options because it made the game much too tough. Keldon Jones' AI patch? I laugh in its face. Who wants the game to be harder?
I kill all of the big uniques by trapping them around a corner and fireballing them to death, whilst GoI invulnerable.
How do you get to the options screens?
I think the monster intelligence options are plain silly, and anyway half of them don't work.

c Cloning

I've got Narya and have just killed my 1000'th Great Hell Wyrm. I wish you could clone Tiamat.
I'll clone wyrms if I get the chance since I really need a couple more artifacts before I take on the big M.
I'll clone a wyrm or two if the opportunity comes along but only if I'm sure I can take a couple of breath attacks.
I cloned a few Creeping Coin piles earlier, but cloning wyrms is too dangerous and also takes all the fun out of searching for good items.
I destroy wands of clone monster on sight.
I've hacked the code to remove wands of clone monster entirely.
Why on earth would anyone want more monsters?

f Farming

I worm farm to level 50 at 50'.
When I see some breeders I engage the Borg and come back an hour later.
I use worms to get me past the tricky levels. I've killed over a thousand white worms.
I'll happily hack away at breeders for a bit, but it gets kinda boring after a while.
I kill breeders as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'm carrying 7 wands of stinking cloud just in case.
I'm wielding Calris and the entire level is full of Hummerhorns.
I genocide 'w' and 'I' every 50 turns.
Hey! Where are all those monsters coming from?

PV Pits and vaults

I clean out every pit and vault I come across. I've got an AC of 3 due to all those jelly pits, and most characters I run end up being slaughtered in a greater vault.
I keep dying trying to Dispel Evil undead pits.
I'll take on any monster pit that I think will be worth the effort, and every vault gets carefully looted.
I avoid jelly and undead pits like the plague, but will happily chew through any other pit or nest I come across.
Monster pits tend to be too hard to bother with, and the one time I opened a chequerboard vault I got breathed on by Azriel and died.
I scum for 'boring' levels.
I've never been below 100'.

s Summoning

I empty and recharge every staff of Summoning until it explodes. I wish you could get Rods of Summoning...
I like standing in large rooms with Greater Draconic Quylthulgs and seeing what shows up.
I'll use up staves of Summoning if I find them, but they're not worth recharging. I fight summoning monsters on staircases if I can.
I ignore staves and scrolls of summoning, and dig holes to prevent monsters from summoning near me.
I haven't got see invisible. Where is that ^*%" Quylthulg, anyway?
Summoned monsters should give no experience or treasure.
I just got mashed by a baby blue dragon at 50'. Maybe I should have identified that scroll first?

d Diving

I'm at 4950' and I'm level 13.
I never bother waiting for poison resistance at 2000'.
I skip the region from 1000-1500' since the difficulty doesn't increase that much and you avoid all those pesky Hounds.
I usually explore levels fairly completely before proceeding down.
I always map and explore levels four or five times before venturing lower.
I'm at 50' and I'm level 13.
I'm level 1 and killing Aimless Merchants until I can afford that RoS(+30) in the Black Market.

P Preserve Mode

On - always. Who wants to lose artifacts to a trap door?
Usually on, although I've been known to leave it off when playing Oangband - it makes things more interesting.
It depends. I have no fixed setting, but turn it on and off as I fancy when rolling up a character.
Off. It's far more exciting to be wondering about potential artifacts on a 'special' level. It's very dangerous, but should I leave the level and risk losing an artifact?

M Maximise Mode

On - I have designs on winning this game, after all.
It changes according to my whim.
Off - I have trouble getting characters started, otherwise.
What's Maximise mode? A fancy way of getting visibly heightened muscle growth within seven days or my money back?[3]
I don't play a variant with maximise mode.

*Band Philosophy

 Example: C-- S+ I+ So B+ ac++ GHB+ SQ- RQ+ V- F:Oangband rogue enhancements

The author of this code plays the game by the straight and narrow, but has no problem with moderate scumming or use of spoilers. He posesses the source and knows what to do with it, and has an interest in the Borg. He has helped to improve this wonderous code. He likes random quests, dislikes set quests and wants some of the rogue functionality from Oangband added to the next version of Vanilla.

C Cheating

Morgoth was the first monster I killed.
I've hacked the code so that all uniques have DROP_GREAT.
My character's died 185 times already. Aren't backup save files wonderful?
I peek into object creation just to make sure I never miss anything nifty.
I've got a fairly open mind towards the use of the cheating options and backup savefiles. Although I don't use them much myself, if other people want to that's fine. Just so long as they mention it on WINNER posts...
I play the game by the straight and narrow, and even resisted the temptation to exploit the old 'infinite gold' bug.
I never even save the game and have lost innumerable characters to system crashes and typos.
Cheaters should be tortured to death. Slowly.
What do you mean, backing up save files is cheating?

S Scumming

I scum Wormtongue until he drops Ringil.
I pop up and down levels all the time, even with autoscum on. I stop only for 'Superb' levels.
I play with autoscum on as I think it makes the game more interesting.
I occasionally will leave a 'boring' level early, and I'll scum the town for enchantment scrolls if I need to.
If my strength has been reduced to 3 then I'll scum the town for restore potions, but normally I just take what's given.
I've recalled into the dungeon with all my stats reduced below 5 and my experience reduced by a factor of two since no restore potions showed up in town.
All scumming is cheating, and cheaters should be shot.
What does 'scumming' mean?

I Information and spoilers

I know the source off by heart.
I've written a number of spoiler files and diff each new version against the last to see what's new.
I've got all of the spoiler files, read and look up every artifact as soon as I find it.
I've got most of the spoiler files and look up monsters or artifacts that I'm not really sure about.
I try not to use the spoilers, but my characters have built up a pretty complete monster memory.
I avoid spoilers completely and have no idea what half my artifacts do.
I don't have net access and the sysadmin didn't install any help files on our system.
What does this Phial that I've found do?

So Source Hacking

I'm Ben Harrison.
I've written a widely used Angband variant.
I know large sections of the code well, and I've got my own personalised copy of Angband because I wanted to play a tourist[2].
I've looked at the source and have a vague idea what's going on in it.
I don't bother with the source: it's easier to pester Robert if I want something changed.
I downloaded the source archive: now what do I do to make it work?
I find it's more fun if I don't know how the game works.
Is there a precompiled version for a PDP-11?

B Borg

I'm Ben Harrison or Andrew White.
I used the Borg until I realised that it had serious weaknesses, so I've had a play with the AI and improved it.
I had a Borg character win.
I run quite a few Borg characters.
I run a Borg every now and then because I find watching them interesting.
I've had a quick look at the Borg, but it doesn't really interest me.
What's the point in getting computers to play computer games?
I don't have a C compiler and there's no precompiled game with the borg for my system.
What is the Borg? Is it a unique?

ac The Angband Code

I am Hotseat/Atomjack/Other code maintainer
I've suggested a correction/extension and had it actioned.
I keep my code up to date. Really up to date. Notice how it changes for each posting? That's because I'm playing whilst reading/writing News/Mail.
I have a code (duh!) and try to keep it current.
I really am going to bring it up to date soon, honestly.
I'm going to update my code soon: I figure that after a while I'll probably get bored of ice-skating in Hell anyways.
"Way back in the winter of '96, I found this AngbandCode thing and created a sig with one in. Now, I don't trust these new-fangled Codes so I'm a-stickin' to what I know... I once wrestled a grizly bear, ya know? Course, in those days we only had wind-up electricity and no sun-glasses..."
I do not have an Angband Code. Go figure.
My normal, sane, personality is unaware that I'm using this code. The bodies in the cellar will also come as a bit of a surprise, I guess.

GHB The Greater Hell Beast

I am Topi Ylinen.
The Greater Hell-Beast is an interesting and important part of the game and presents a legitimate tactical challenge. Long live the GHB!
It's in the game, so it must be there for a reason. Keep it around.
I don't like them, but they're such an integral part of Zang folklore that taking them out would be a shame.
A one-joke wonder long past its expiry date that wasn't even funny when it was in season. Get rid of it.
I remove Greater Hell-Beasts from my copy of r_info.txt at the first opportunity.
I go into r_info.txt and change the Greater Hell-Beast to 1 armor, 1d1 HP, and DROP_ITEM | DROP_GREAT out of pure spite.
I don't play any variants with Greater Hell-Beasts.
I don't play any variants with them specifically because of them.
Holy [expletive deleted] Batman! A major demon at 50'?!? The RNG really really isn't playing fair today...

SQ Set Quests

I adore set quests and regularly use them to get to level 30 without even entering the dungeon.
I love set quests - knowing that Sting will always appear is great.
I like set quests - they add something special to the game which would be missing without them.
They're alright, I guess. I do them when I can, but they get a bit dull after ten completions.
I don't think set quests add anything, and they're too scummable. They should be radically fixed, or removed from the game. Why the hell should Sting be almost guaranteed? It takes all the fun from playing.
Set quests are the work of the devil. I am boycotting Zangband until they are removed.
I'm still playing Zangband 2.1.1c, so as to have nothing to do with set quests.
I don't know anything about set quests, because I don't play Zangband or its variants.

RQ Random Quests

I always select 49 random quests when playing Zangband - the cool items and the extra challenge are great!
I tend to go for quite a few random quests - it livens up the rather dull dungeon dive.
Random quests are fine, except that I always end up with one for 39 Star-spawns of Cthulu.
They only interrupt my attempts at power-diving, and I always select 0.
I hate random quests. The excellent drops disrupt game balance, and they are too easily scummed. I am looking at editing the source to remove them entirely.
I don't play a variant that features random quests.

V The Great Variant-Approach Debate

Damn stability, give me features! I would play an[6] amalgam of the most innovative bits of Angband/64, Kam and Pern, but it'd be staid. I've hacked the code to leave hallucination effects permanently on. Angband's far out, man!
The point of a variant is to get as far away from Vanilla as possible. I play Kamband, 'cause it's on the cutting edge.
Variants are supposed to be testbeds for new ideas, and as such aren't supposed to be perfectly balanced. I quite like Pernband, because some of the characters are refreshingly overpowered, and the ideas are novel.
Variants should be novel, but they should also strive to improve upon Vanilla. I like Zangband, because it has a lot of excellent new features, but isn't as buggy as many of the new creeping- feature variants. Balance is important, but it isn't the be all and end all of variant-production.
The purpose of a variant should be to produce a game that is better than the original. Oangband does a fantastic job, with major improvements, but a carefully balanced and relatively bug- free coding style that brings the game forward to what it should be, without diverging it wildly from the original premise of Angband.
I prefer variants that don't change things too much, but which content themselves with making fixes to problems with the original game. I've particularly enjoyed Goingband, and other 'minor' variants.
Variants merely distract attention from Angband, the best game in the universe. Hail Ben Harrison, the One True Maintainer!
I haven't tried any of the variants, because the denizens of advised me to play Vanilla first.

F One feature you'd like added to Vanilla

Include here any one feature you'd like added to the next version of Vanilla Angband to be released.

F:Oang Rod/Wand Stacking
F:Set Quests

Credits, contact info etc.

Version History

The (hypothetical) designation of the original version. Written by Mark Mackey, and the inspiration of:
Tom Harris' first (unreleased) version. This version fiddled around with the format slightly, as well as including additional sections on set quests, random quests, an indication of which variants you play, and a few other bits and bobs.
Rearranged into three sections to allow people to avoid having to update their sig every time they play *band. Major changes to the content: A lot of old codes scrapped as bandwidth-wasting irrelevancies and a whole load of new sections added to bring the code right up to date with today's *band scene.
Added a few more races, classes and *bands. Also added a "non-*band" section to the *band list, to let people indicate a liking of NetHack, Omega etc. A "Dungeon Level" depth indicator added to the "Character" section and another "A" option.
Added Utumno to the variants list, and crawl and rogue to the non-*bands list.
Added the "ac" section about peoples' own Angband Code usage, the "GHB" option about the Greater Hell Beast and the "TT" section about the Trump Tower. Removed the "healing" section - it simply wasn't interesting enough, and we need the space for future expansion what with the variant explosion.
Updated this page to let me move it from my argonet webspace (which has now gone) to my new UKGateway space. Also made a few typographical corrections and updated the wish list.
Added the "*" option to the variant choices to show maintainership.
Added a few extra Pern races / classes / realms.
Added the MJBand Elementalist.
Added Gumband, ZceAngband, EyAngband, Discband, EasyAngband and PernMangband. Added "X" (Other) options to most of the variant-related options. The damn things are springing up too quickly to keep track of :-)
Added the Demon, Angel and Nilbog races, Mystic and Bard classes and !M (no maximise mode) options from EyAngband. Tweaked the "Borg" stuff.
Added DvEband, GSN2band, Hengband, Langband, MJband, Tangband, UnAngband. Added Amberite, Melnibonean, Petty Dwarf, Vadhagh, Wood Elf. Added Daemonologist, Merchant, Unbeliever, Weaponmaster. Added Vanilla Magic, Vanilla Prayer, Spirit realms. Added "multiple platform" option. Added Pern's "subrace" option. Updated my email address. Fiddled with the Borg, Cheating and Source Hacking sections.
Added *bandTk for X11.
New maintainer. Added a few new variants, made changes to the race and class sections, removed Trump Tower section, did a bit of a spring clean and altered the maintainer's name and email address.

To do

Any requests, complaints, suggestions, bugs(?!) can be sent to me, where they will be much appreciated, or posted on rgra, where they might be.


[1]: The GAH does not exist. Anyone who says it does is clearly not a member lying.
[2]: And didn't want to play NetHack. Obviously. (Or Heng, as it turns out, but we'll keep quiet about that for now).
[3]: Not suitable for those who are pregnant or under 13.
[4]: Thereby passing the good taste test for both games and operating systems.[5]
[5]: 'Joke' courtesy of Musus Umbra :-)
[6]: Ungodly. A merger between Kam, Ang/64 and Pern... <shudder> [9]
[7]: Woo hoo! The maintainer of the Angband Code says I'm entitled! What authority!
[8]: For those sad and incorrigible Angband hacks who carry around ports to different platforms just in case they unexpectedly end up in front of a VAX and want to play *band...
[9]: It might not be bleeding-edge any more, but it's still ungodly.

Contact Info

This page was originally written by Mark "Atomjack" Mackey, who accepts all of the praise and none of the blame. Later, during the Great Variant Explosion, it was maintained by Tom Harris. His praise/blame quotient is not clearly defined at present.

It is currently maintained by Antony Sidwell <>

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