Current competition No.175

Starts:June 10th, 2015 11:00
Ends:July 1st, 2015 11:00 (4 hours 2 minutes left)
Variant:PosChengband 3.4.5
Save file:Download starting save file
This will be the first competition in a short series of Magic System Exploration competitions.

This competition has no savefile. Instead, you can pick from one of the following PosChengband classes:

- Anything in the Magic section (including blue mage, even though they're bookless)
- Anything in the Hybrid section
- Martial Arts -> Monk
- Martial Arts -> Force Trainer
- Prayer -> Priest (this is the only option)

When choosing a personality, you can use anything except Munchkin (which is a cheat/tutorial thing.)

Please use the default birth options. If you want, you can turn off virtues since they're awful.

You can download PosChengband 3.4.5 here. You can also just build source from the GitHub repo -- it's a minor point release ahead, but that is mostly cosmetic and won't really matter.

Winner is the game winner in the least play time, or if no winners the most uniques killed.

Unsolicited advice:
- For most magic classes, a low-XP race (like Human) is a good idea, otherwise the midgame is really difficult.
- Monsters in PosChengband get 'ticked off' when hit by ranged attacks, and will preferentially bomb you with their stronger spells when this happens. You can avoid this with the 'subtle casting' demigod (attained CL20 or CL40) or human perk (CL30)
- You are guaranteed to get the 3rd spellbook of your primary realm from Smaug (Lonely Mountain boss) and the 4th spellbook of your primary realm from Null (Darkness Cave boss)
- You can also get the 4th chaos, nature, and sorcery books (if available to you) in tower quests at Zul (town in the northeast mountains), but these are quite dangerous.

GLHF -- and try a bunch of stuff!

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountuniques killed updated
1Odesammhjklyubn[Demon] Sorcerer4911,158,05425,12220711 comments30.6.2015 04:09
2AmoncloudedMindflayer High-Mage5010,802,68227,73015412 comments19.6.2015 01:19
3FoobieThraalbeastBeastman High-Mage5012,778,26763,49719836 comments29.6.2015 20:45
4Indra SenakrazyhadesMindflayer High-Mage391,888,23126,6378313 comments18.6.2015 11:26
5GnarlwobblyBeastman Paladin33477,52115,1386918 comments20.6.2015 01:41
6HelacloudedYeek Mage411,316,48824,088692 comments12.6.2015 16:49
7ArlinawobblyDemigod Red-Mage32600,02913,2956114 comments29.6.2015 18:56
8BaalerdeboHuman High-Mage35486,53426,9275710 comments25.6.2015 14:04
9RageJungle_BoyDemigod Chaos-Warrior29191,89117,326522 comments29.6.2015 23:56
10GingermurphyBarbarian Monk33373,22412,854516 comments24.6.2015 00:55
11MaxJungle_BoyHalf-Ogre Paladin30177,60915,521442 comments23.6.2015 20:36
12GrrJungle_BoyKobold Chaos-Warrior31122,34215,947431 comment new30.6.2015 07:19 new
13ArtaxJungle_BoyHalf-Titan Chaos-Warrior2647,20110,769404 comments22.6.2015 06:34
14SterbsmurphyShadow-Fairy Necromancer2989,44510,1192910 comments25.6.2015 08:25
15WunniwobblyCyclops Priest2531,5859,561286 comments13.6.2015 19:58
16BlueJayShadowTechnologyHuman Blue-Mage2735,07713,987264 comments27.6.2015 08:19
17Stellar 33HugoTheGreat2011Draconian Chaos-Warrior2011,77613,307263 comments24.6.2015 04:40
18MagentawobblyAndroid Warrior-Mage3306,675233 comments21.6.2015 18:33
19MixiemurphyDark-Elf Blue-Mage2755,9398,429222 comments21.6.2015 19:01
20Stellar 33HugoTheGreat2011Draconian Chaos-Warrior2424,8189,542193 comments23.6.2015 08:11
21Estrella VHugoTheGreat2011Vampire Chaos-Warrior2661,6049,734192 comments21.6.2015 18:56
22PoofdeboSnotling High-Mage2829,93514,4541913 comments12.6.2015 15:20
23RecursionTheOtherMITZE@yahoo.comAmberite High-Mage199,19018,143182 comments20.6.2015 00:53
24AzraelTheOtherMITZE@yahoo.comArchon Paladin2117,05011,112187 comments13.6.2015 03:13
25GripeJungle_BoyDark-Elf High-Mage2121,51313,514182 comments25.6.2015 22:26
26IbizatropolisHugoTheGreat2011Archon Paladin113,3577,172162 comments19.6.2015 05:14
27MorganJungle_BoyMindflayer High-Mage2316,8777,928153 comments17.6.2015 22:22
28Estrella IIIHugoTheGreat2011Demigod High-Mage2330,1866,662142 comments21.6.2015 03:14
29TanaHugoTheGreat2011Ent Sorcerer2529,1966,784101 comment28.6.2015 00:19
30ArdatropolisHugoTheGreat2011Demigod High-Mage2434,8659,357102 comments19.6.2015 01:03
31Tana IIHugoTheGreat2011Amberite Sorcerer2221,4537,29792 comments28.6.2015 05:47
32SyvaniaShadowTechnologyWood-Elf Sorcerer186,7234,20092 comments new1.7.2015 05:26 updated
33AC320Jungle_BoyAndroid Chaos-Warrior30010,52192 comments13.6.2015 00:11
34Estrella 33HugoTheGreat2011Beastman Chaos-Warrior2214,5185,96192 comments23.6.2015 03:41
35Stellar 21HugoTheGreat2011Barbarian Chaos-Warrior197,0405,04871 comment21.6.2015 23:43
36RecursiveTheOtherMITZE@yahoo.comAmberite High-Mage132,43713,64854 comments11.6.2015 19:32
37EekJungle_BoyYeek Mage183,1166,07351 comment14.6.2015 18:23
38BraunwobblyHalf-Troll Mage152,8495,77443 comments20.6.2015 05:19
39Stellar 36HugoTheGreat2011Beastman Chaos-Warrior152,9444,04741 comment25.6.2015 04:59
40Estrella 31HugoTheGreat2011Doppelganger Chaos-Warrior186,0874,96131 comment22.6.2015 07:51
41BigGulpShadowTechnologyHuman Magic-Eater131,1574,01921 comment21.6.2015 07:30
42Estrella XHugoTheGreat2011Beastman Chaos-Warrior2111,0174,08521 comment21.6.2015 21:30
43SamwobblyHuman Priest172,8473,84014 comments29.6.2015 22:17
44EstrellaHugoTheGreat2011Beastman Mage2318,9413,35612 comments21.6.2015 01:40
45WallaceJungle_BoySnotling High-Mage161,2513,26811 comment11.6.2015 23:49
46BalrynwobblyCentaur Blue-Mage86222,25912 comments25.6.2015 19:34
47Amber's LoreHugoTheGreat2011Beastman High-Mage197,9042,31801 comment19.6.2015 01:46
48MirandaHugoTheGreat2011Beastman High-Mage153,2162,23601 comment18.6.2015 05:08
49Stellar 26HugoTheGreat2011High-Elf Warrior-Mage1911,3179,10101 comment24.6.2015 07:20
50Estrella 26HugoTheGreat2011Beastman Warrior-Mage2011,2363,39701 comment22.6.2015 06:32

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