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Starts:July 25th, 2017 12:00
Ends:August 25th, 2017 12:00 (5 days 0 hour left)
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Taregor is a Druadan ranger who has taken it upon himself to rid Beleriand of evil. The way is fraught with peril, but he has many talents.

Current standings (personal best) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1TaregorPhilipDrúadan Ranger506,936,060650,55006 comments29.7.2017 19:29
2Taregor IIwobblyDrúadan Ranger484,247,636523,232018 comments new20.8.2017 10:54 updated
3TaregorNickDrúadan Ranger452,546,124633,539026 comments new17.8.2017 13:45
4TaregorQyxDradan Ranger38706,966717,67506 comments10.8.2017 22:44
5TarekorThraalbeeDradan Ranger37578,163727,55904 comments15.8.2017 08:37
7TaregorGwarlDrúadan Ranger34304,568423,7345510 comments28.7.2017 15:00
8TaregorhjklyubnDrúadan Ranger31166,732283,1440 1.8.2017 23:24
10Taregor VIIngwe IngweronDrúadan Ranger30132,828468,62103 comments7.8.2017 04:42
11T3letslaughDradan Ranger2531,458112,188311 comment14.8.2017 22:31 updated
13Taregorranger jeffDradan Ranger2759,258254,660301 comment17.8.2017 03:05 updated
15TregaroGorbadDrúadan Ranger2110,38865,509243 comments27.7.2017 17:15
17TaregorHallucinationMushroomDrúadan Ranger2427,715269,299447 comments26.7.2017 04:49
24TaregorlunitinDrúadan Ranger141,67931,23501 comment26.7.2017 02:09

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