Current competition No.234

Starts:October 15th, 2020 13:19
Ends:November 15th, 2020 13:19 (24 days 19 hours left)
Variant:Angband nightly
Save file:Download starting save file
Half-orc Blackguard

Trying this new class again following DavidMedley's revamp efforts. Play the latest build on or download from

points-based character creation with the following restrictions on birth options (no starting savefile):

Randarts off, connected stairs off, monster learning on, know runes/flavours off, persistent levels and percentage dice off.

Good luck have fun!

Current standings (personal best) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1DumDiddlySpharaHalf-Orc Blackguard411,630,86928,826843 comments20.10.2020 20:33 updated
2ArmeIngwe IngweronHalf-Orc Blackguard463,244,24394,516997 comments new21.10.2020 01:55 updated
3NinghathmalcontentHalf-Orc Blackguard2736,82516,332337 comments20.10.2020 06:46
4blackyklassikHalf-Orc Blackguard2621,10522,984315 comments17.10.2020 11:22
5soyakisoyakiHalf-Orc Blackguard2310,43524,941191 comment18.10.2020 23:02 updated

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