Current competition No.155

Starts:April 9th, 2014 11:00
Ends:April 30th, 2014 11:00 (11 days 12 hours left)
Variant:PosChengband 3.1.3+
Save file:Download starting save file
Ringle is a lucky ring.

Rings are the newest monster race in PosChengband, and play differently than pretty much anything else; see rings.txt in the distro for a tutorial, or poke around on the 3.1.x PosChengband thread for more details.

Winner is the game winner in the least play time, or if no winners the most uniques killed.

Current standings (personal best) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountuniques killed updated
1RinglecloudedRing Monster509,317,95024,86118937 comments14.4.2014 06:30
2RinglechrisRing Monster5015,537,67989,68827454 comments16.4.2014 00:48
3RingleUglySquirrellRing Monster391,276,46748,9308026 comments15.4.2014 19:04
4RingleRochRing Monster33378,27026,0576817 comments new18.4.2014 07:43 updated
5Ringle 71HugoTheGreat2011Ring Monster29107,01212,277476 comments15.4.2014 17:56
6RingleGorbadRing Monster31197,5289,561434 comments16.4.2014 13:07
7Ringle-sansoyakiRing Monster30143,45541,0684224 comments16.4.2014 06:41
10RingleArjenRing Monster2750,4929,574323 comments9.4.2014 20:16
20Ringu2ThraalbeastRing Monster207,5786,670131 comment new18.4.2014 11:41 updated
30RingledarkdroneRing Monster51392,28922 comments13.4.2014 09:58
32RinglesmeeRing Monster72532,07111 comment17.4.2014 03:49

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