Competition No.100

Starts:March 8th, 2011 09:00
Ends:April 10th, 2011 00:00 (ended)
Variant:NPPAngband 0.5.2
Save file:Download starting save file
The recently released NPPAngband 0.5.2 is the variant for competition 100, which will be a cracker.

Narthalin is an Elf Brigand. Her first quest is to kill Golfimbul, the hill orc chief.

Goal: Kill every unique (all 104 of them, including Morgoth) in the fewest gameturns. The player must complete the first quest (kill Golfimbul at 100'). Players should not go down to 100' until they are ready to do battle with him, as leaving the quest level usually results in a failed quest. Excessive stairscumming, signified by 15 or more notes in the player notes section of the player failing to enter a greater vault is not allowed.

Here are a couple notes for players not familiar with NPP:

There are scrolls of summon unique in NPP that will be helpful for tracking down those last couple uniques.
Watch out for Azathoth. He is one of the most dangerous uniques in the game, almost as powerful as Morgoth.
Quests are quite useful in NPP for building a powerful character, but will be detrimental to your turncount for this competition.
Compared to Angband, there are many more characters below 2500' that can breathe or cast spells for more than 400+ damage in a single turn.

A Brigand is a thief, who simply wants to plunder the pits of Angband
to steal its greatest treasures. He is close behind the warrior in melee.
He is a master of traps and locks, no device being impossible for him to
overcome, and has the highest stealth of all classes, which can frequently
let him choose his fights. His dungeon survival skills are better than
average, and he has a fast, detailed pseudo-ID. The 'P' command allows
a brigand can attempt to steal from monsters, and the 'O' command can
set traps for unsuspecting monsters. As the brigand gains levels, he
can create an increasing variety of traps by using the 'O' command on an
existing monster trap. He is exceptionally gifted with a sling, and
gets an extra shot with a sling when he reaches level 26.

Note: In the maintainers opinion, stealing needs to be fixed. It is currently not worth the effort, unless you can sneak up on a sleeping monster that drops excellent items.

NPPAngband is available compiled for Windows or OS X, or as source.

Savefile submitted by nppangband (Jeff Greene).

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountbody count updated
1ArthatigpupElf Brigand5010,757,024767,1161055 comments24.3.2011 15:50
2NarthalinPowerDiverElf Brigand5012,729,303585,84210414 comments3.4.2011 06:56
3NarthalintigpupElf Brigand509,737,541618,69010410 comments8.4.2011 17:55
4Narthalin the HungrymurphyElf Brigand509,841,672699,17210410 comments25.3.2011 04:02
5NarthalinRochElf Brigand5011,210,0931,341,12310122 comments25.3.2011 08:26
6NartigpupElf Brigand5014,776,2722,057,71010111 comments18.3.2011 00:32
7TaliMatthiasElf Brigand506,114,069902,871734 comments17.3.2011 21:33
8HaltigpupElf Brigand432,661,997479,168562 comments7.4.2011 10:29 updated
9NarthalinewanElf Brigand411,690,007623,100505 comments6.4.2011 21:09 updated
10Narthalin4marcus.heed@telia.comElf Brigand381,062,1371,733,3774211 comments20.3.2011 19:52
11NarthalinyrribanElf Brigand33288,5401,065,694356 comments25.3.2011 04:48
12NarthalinShinedogElf Brigand31168,269738,073328 comments16.3.2011 22:13
13Nar IIShinedogElf Brigand32266,023631,823255 comments20.3.2011 05:36
14NarthalinShadowTechnologyElf Brigand2971,516580,212193 comments27.3.2011 19:04
15NarthalinzummyElf Brigand32255,336609,176153 comments10.3.2011 16:13 updated
16Narthalin IVbuzzkillElf Brigand2973,330226,7371312 comments5.4.2011 04:41
17Narthalin2marcus.heed@telia.comElf Brigand206,784591,32795 comments11.3.2011 20:58
18RitaMatthiasElf Brigand218,327159,23074 comments20.3.2011 20:06
19NarthalinbuzzkillElf Brigand827513,00616 comments13.3.2011 01:12 updated

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