Competition No.103

Starts:May 9th, 2011 12:00
Ends:June 1st, 2011 12:00 (ended)
Variant:Angband 3.2.0 nightly 82a3cef
Save file:Download starting save file
This competition uses the latest Angband nightly, with lots of fun stuff like new dungeon level types.

1. Go to the general store
2. Buy a lantern
3. Kill Morgoth

Competition winner is the game winner in least standard turns, or if no winner then max experience/standard turns; moreover killing Morgoth by throwing this lantern at him beats any other win.

Use the latest Angband nightly for windows, OSX or source.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1IllumaHudstoneDwarf Paladin5015,495,996613,7731006 comments27.5.2011 09:25
2IllumaxRochDwarf Paladin509,107,697756,5871007 comments18.5.2011 10:30
3IllumaewanDwarf Paladin485,904,864238,318818 comments23.5.2011 05:02
4IllumaRochDwarf Paladin34517,426327,403534 comments13.5.2011 01:35
5IllumabronDwarf Paladin32286,031303,012502 comments17.5.2011 19:29
6IllumaDarinDwarf Paladin29121,151161,335422 comments14.5.2011 01:10 updated
7IllumaShinedogDwarf Paladin33362,746522,440685 comments12.5.2011 19:36
8IllumaFailbheDwarf Paladin31166,281608,89540 11.5.2011 23:54 updated
9IllumaIllumaDwarf Paladin2860,856242,678291 comment13.5.2011 22:35 updated
10IllumanatorShinedogDwarf Paladin29110,581501,892522 comments19.5.2011 04:42
11Illumawilliam.hamaker@verizon.netDwarf Paladin2741,262209,043265 comments13.5.2011 21:00
12IllumabulianDwarf Paladin2418,399124,976321 comment13.5.2011 01:52 updated
13IllumaBodkinDwarf Paladin2520,505212,94526 16.5.2011 01:03 updated

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