Competition No.104

Starts:May 31st, 2011 00:00
Ends:June 25th, 2011 00:00 (ended)
Variant:FayAngband 1.0
Save file:Download starting save file
FayAngband is a reworking of the much beloved EyAngband, with additional features such as changes to stairs and diving, stats, ID and perception.

Star is an Ursa Shaman with warlike tendencies from her parents and a faith that is all her own.

Competition winner:
Game winner
if not a unique winner, most uniques killed wins
if equal number of uniques killed, lowest Max Exp wins.

FayAngband 1.0 is available from the home page.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceuniques killed updated
1StarewanUrsa Shaman5013,046,2949545 comments21.6.2011 04:03
2Catelyn StarkMatthiasUrsa Shaman509,795,5777125 comments20.6.2011 08:07
3StarDoltHudstoneUrsa Shaman37999,1374012 comments18.6.2011 20:15
4StaarghsoyakiUrsa Shaman34578,4363410 comments22.6.2011 06:05
5Starwilliam.hamaker@verizon.netUrsa Shaman2765,224158 comments6.6.2011 15:29
6Starwilliaml.hamaker@verizon.netUrsa Shaman2749,145142 comments3.6.2011 22:09 updated
7Major Ursacheekycatchymonkey@hotmail.comUrsa Shaman2421,150135 comments10.6.2011 15:16
8Ned StarkMatthiasUrsa Shaman2633,272132 comments6.6.2011 21:46
9Star PhivebuzzkillUrsa Shaman142,17272 comments11.6.2011 21:28
10Star ForebuzzkillUrsa Shaman185,51675 comments9.6.2011 02:56
11MyGodItsFullOfsoyakiUrsa Shaman142,06061 comment12.6.2011 04:36 updated
12Starcheekycatchymonkey@hotmail.comUrsa Shaman142,30751 comment3.6.2011 13:55 updated
13Start OverRochUrsa Shaman174,50053 comments16.6.2011 20:03
14Star2william.hamaker@verizon.netUrsa Shaman185,09052 comments7.6.2011 17:32
15StarHudstoneUrsa Shaman111,09841 comment1.6.2011 21:56 updated
16Star WonbuzzkillUrsa Shaman618121 comment2.6.2011 03:26 updated
17Star TreebuzzkillUrsa Shaman1069321 comment3.6.2011 18:24 updated
18StarMatthiasUrsa Shaman131,49621 comment2.6.2011 18:33 updated
19Starcheekycatchymonkey@hoymail.comUrsa Shaman141,91821 comment2.6.2011 23:34 updated
20StarRochUrsa Shaman837316 comments1.6.2011 23:13 updated
21StarNickUrsa Shaman1065613 comments1.6.2011 14:40
22Starpsduckie@yahoo.comUrsa Shaman22701 comment15.6.2011 00:47 updated
23Star IIpsduckie@yahoo.comUrsa Shaman23601 comment19.6.2011 02:07 updated
24Star ToobuzzkillUrsa Shaman23801 comment2.6.2011 05:34 updated
25Star Vpsduckie@yahoo.comUrsa Shaman513503 comments21.6.2011 01:47
26Star IVpsduckie@yahoo.comUrsa Shaman515002 comments19.6.2011 06:14

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