Competition No.106

Starts:July 14th, 2011 02:00
Ends:August 7th, 2011 02:00 (ended)
Variant:Chengband 0.0.40
Save file:Download starting save file
The purpose of Chengband (a fork of Hengband) is to defeat the dreaded Serpent of Chaos. The game is littered with powerful and rare artifacts to assist you on your challenging quest. But the road is long. The enemy's forces have grown numerous and fester in the deep. Perhaps death awaits you? Perhaps glory? Are you up for the challenge?

Trollface is a Half Troll Blood Knight. This is a class that fights better the more wounded they are, especially if they are cut badly. They have some powers that can be cast using the normal 'm' command. And everybody knows about Half Trolls. Big, dumb and slow (poor dex). In Heng/Cheng, they have a racial power for berserk, which can be accessed using the 'U' command.

Winner is the game winner in the least play time, or if no winners the most uniques killed.

Chengband 0.0.40 is available for Windows or as source by making a Mercurial clone using these instructions.

Savefile submitted by chris.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1Combat TrollfacechrisHalf-Troll Blood-Knight507,014,97531,659016 comments16.7.2011 04:13
2Combat TrollfaceArjenHalf-Troll Blood-Knight509,193,783155,090017 comments22.7.2011 20:30
3Combat DrollfaceRochHalf-Troll Blood-Knight401,643,08965,49006 comments26.7.2011 23:48
4Combat DollfaceRochHalf-Troll Blood-Knight32282,85922,18303 comments19.7.2011 01:20
5Combat TrollfaceIIArjenHalf-Troll Blood-Knight31225,05531,17601 comment30.7.2011 19:54 updated
6Combat HardfaceartesHalf-Troll Blood-Knight35610,05790,84305 comments24.7.2011 23:01
7Combat Trollface2william.hamaker@verizon.netHalf-Troll Blood-Knight2635,50216,44901 comment20.7.2011 22:13 updated
8Combat TrollfaceDjabaneteHalf-Troll Blood-Knight187,5073,56009 comments15.7.2011 09:16 updated
9Combat Trollfacewilliam.hamaker@verizon.netHalf-Troll Blood-Knight2526,88614,54203 comments19.7.2011 20:07
10Combat TrollfaceRochHalf-Troll Blood-Knight173,7503,52503 comments15.7.2011 07:26
11Combat TrollfacedarkdroneHalf-Troll Blood-Knight2628,68632,31301 comment30.7.2011 20:01 updated
12Combat Trollfacecheekycatchymonkey@hotmail.comHalf-Troll Blood-Knight121,0401,98701 comment14.7.2011 10:07 updated
13Combat TrollfaceHudstoneHalf-Troll Blood-Knight218,86224,63601 comment7.8.2011 01:05 updated
14Combat DrollfacesoyakiHalf-Troll Blood-Knight121,0168,27001 comment19.7.2011 00:10 updated
15Combat TrollfacebuzzkillHalf-Troll Blood-Knight121,02049,48102 comments16.7.2011 02:35 updated

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