Competition No.114

Starts:November 28th, 2011 08:00
Ends:December 24th, 2011 08:00 (ended)
Save file:Download starting save file
NPPComp114 is a special version of NPPAngband just for this competition!

Vaseron is a Hobbit Druid, who longs to succeed in life as only the daughter of a tavern owner can.

Competition winner is the one to kill most monster races; for those who kill all races, the tiebreaker is least amount of game turns.

NPPComp114 is available for windows or OS X or as source. The savefile is in the save directory already, or can be downloaded in the usual way.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1VaseronewanHobbit Druid5013,928,762465,47910039 comments14.12.2011 06:27
2Vaseron the Faster OnemurphyHobbit Druid411,958,143908,574635 comments10.12.2011 04:28
3VaseronthapperHobbit Druid32276,988851,072442 comments22.12.2011 20:17
4VaseronletslaughHobbit Druid33282,1212,036,479359 comments6.12.2011 18:20
5VaseronmtaddHobbit Druid32266,464914,930343 comments5.12.2011 20:58
6VaseronmurphyHobbit Druid33354,737403,892465 comments23.12.2011 18:14
7Vaseron the VociferousmurphyHobbit Druid30138,051430,054362 comments3.12.2011 05:23
8VaseronRochHobbit Druid2984,904955,949387 comments1.12.2011 07:44
9VaselipbuzzkillHobbit Druid30112,242440,707419 comments19.12.2011 23:49
10Vaseron the FlightymurphyHobbit Druid29100,775404,566342 comments23.12.2011 17:37
11Vaseron the MeekajelmerHobbit Druid218,574819,913146 comments12.12.2011 13:15
12VaselinbuzzkillHobbit Druid141,79289,362114 comments2.12.2011 01:13
13Vaseronajelmer@gmail.comHobbit Druid11818224,68673 comments10.12.2011 21:35
14VasertwoNickHobbit Druid726952,82851 comment1.12.2011 11:49 updated
15VaseronsethosHobbit Druid723277,62721 comment10.12.2011 07:48 updated
16VaseroncmpedersonHobbit Druid103,33911 comment28.11.2011 21:35 updated
17Vaseron the Meekajelmer@rockwellcollins.comHobbit Druid132,26911 comment10.12.2011 22:13 updated
18VaseronNickHobbit Druid124,04514 comments29.11.2011 01:01

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