Competition No.123

Starts:June 10th, 2012 06:00
Ends:July 2nd, 2012 06:00 (ended)
Variant:Angband 3.4RC
Save file:Download starting save file
This is the release candidate for the latest version of Angband. Playing will be helping the community, if anyone needs an excuse.

Rhonda is a (very) ordinary human warrior - stats randomly rolled, randarts, no selling, no connected stairs, no monster memory. Good luck.

Competition winner is the game winner in least standard turns, or if no winner then max experience/standard turns.

Angband 3.4RC is available for Windows, Mac or as source.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1RhondajujubenHuman Warrior508,887,5482,212,3919813 comments28.6.2012 15:47
2Rhondammcaskibum@hotmail.comHuman Warrior494,017,3651,189,76094 2.7.2012 01:34
3Rhonda3letslaughHuman Warrior494,038,4761,801,5837117 comments22.6.2012 18:53
4Rhondacheekycatchymonkey@hotmail.comHuman Warrior442,113,2231,124,380691 comment19.6.2012 00:16 updated
5RhondaAtanvarnoHuman Warrior35422,382298,948635 comments27.6.2012 18:56
6Rhonda HmyshkinHuman Warrior32154,735309,157465 comments19.6.2012 06:08
7RhondabronHuman Warrior31122,977486,110371 comment25.6.2012 05:44 updated
8RhondaMalak DarkhunterHuman Warrior2965,209475,944419 comments15.6.2012 03:49
9RhondaletslaughHuman Warrior2848,101382,742302 comments11.6.2012 16:09
10Rhonda2letslaughHuman Warrior31104,340980,317284 comments13.6.2012 16:07
11Rhonda EmyshkinHuman Warrior2422,740229,776373 comments15.6.2012 02:03 updated
12RhondaGorbadHuman Warrior2729,150356,471272 comments16.6.2012 12:30
13DhornaGorbadHuman Warrior2516,040263,406281 comment17.6.2012 07:35 updated
14Rhonda BmyshkinHuman Warrior204,439102,484221 comment12.6.2012 10:04 updated
15RhondaNickHuman Warrior172,747118,776131 comment27.6.2012 00:23 updated
16Rhonda2Malak DarkhunterHuman Warrior1266078,8153 16.6.2012 20:57 updated

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