Competition No.124

Starts:July 1st, 2012 14:00
Ends:July 23rd, 2012 14:00 (ended)
Variant:Angband 3.4RC
Save file:Download starting save file
This is the release candidate for the latest version of Angband, again. If new RCs come out during this comp, feel free to update.

Oion is a Dwarf Paladin - looks like a real do-gooder.

Competition winner is the game winner in least standard turns, or if no winner then max experience/standard turns.

Angband 3.4RC is available for Windows, Mac or as source.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1OionbronDwarf Paladin507,503,971841,05810015 comments22.7.2012 07:32
2OionMalak DarkhunterDwarf Paladin475,117,5151,080,24410011 comments8.7.2012 06:45
3Onion On My BeltmurphyDwarf Paladin36799,203582,482585 comments8.7.2012 00:01
4Oioncheekycatchymonkey@hotmail.comDwarf Paladin29100,39089,21062 comments2.7.2012 23:42 updated
5OionletslaughDwarf Paladin35600,786802,076445 comments5.7.2012 21:28
6OionRochDwarf Paladin33385,409592,149582 comments12.7.2012 09:10
7OionDarinDwarf Paladin32272,130440,283422 comments8.7.2012 07:05
8OionAtanvarnoDwarf Paladin2746,678187,447463 comments10.7.2012 18:24
9OioncatchymonkeyDwarf Paladin30140,155618,230343 comments5.7.2012 17:45 updated
10OionThraalbeastDwarf Paladin31176,546858,064535 comments22.7.2012 00:25
11OionGorbadDwarf Paladin2740,351342,648362 comments5.7.2012 22:46
12OionShinedogDwarf Paladin2740,752410,943391 comment4.7.2012 04:13 updated
13Oion2ShadowTechnologyDwarf Paladin2522,144255,176303 comments7.7.2012 07:00

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