Competition No.125

Starts:July 23rd, 2012 06:00
Ends:August 15th, 2012 06:00 (ended)
Variant:Sangband 1.0.2
Save file:Download starting save file
Sangband - Skills Angband - has no classes, just skills to hone and (optionally) oaths to take. Version 1.0.2 is brought to you by camlost.

Bob is a Half-Orc. What will you make of him?

Winner is the fastest game winner, or failing that the deepest completed quest (in fewest turns if a tiebreak is needed).

Sangband 1.0.2 is available from the Sangband home page.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1bob3letslaughHalf-Orc611,247939,964415 comments9.8.2012 18:02
2BlobmurphyHalf-Orc36383319,249243 comments10.8.2012 02:36
3Bob The BadMalak DarkhunterHalf-Orc54827945,809426 comments4.8.2012 20:29
4RobertomurphyHalf-Orc31155240,098161 comment8.8.2012 20:15 updated
5bob2letslaughHalf-Orc431791,439,948256 comments3.8.2012 16:38
6BobmurphyHalf-Orc1510291,28091 comment7.8.2012 22:23 updated
7BobletslaughHalf-Orc25138711,670102 comments27.7.2012 22:12 updated

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