Competition No.135

Starts:February 11th, 2013 22:00
Ends:March 7th, 2013 22:00 (ended)
Variant:Angband 3.4.1
Save file:Download starting save file
Angband 3.4.1 is the latest version of the original *band.

Bilbo is a frightened hobbit, who is lost in the dungeon. He cannot go back, he must go on. Aside from a few vittles and a handful of pebbles, he has only his trusty sword 'Sting', the glow from which is telling him there may be orcs nearby...

Competition winner is the game winner in least standard turns, or if no winner then max experience/standard turns.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperiencestd turnsmax depth updated
1BilboPowerWyrmHobbit Rogue508,504,392315,22710014 comments7.3.2013 13:31 Rogue5010,703,423119,2681008 comments2.3.2013 14:16
3BilboIIIranger jeffHobbit Rogue432,836,68062,452759 comments7.3.2013 11:44
4Bilbocheekycatchymonkey@hotmail.comHobbit Rogue432,434,874108,058787 comments18.2.2013 14:13
5BingoGorbadHobbit Rogue411,789,42480,455742 comments7.3.2013 15:26
6BilboNickHobbit Rogue36716,07396,892516 comments20.2.2013 10:07
7Bilbo2QyxHobbit Rogue35558,48167,35648 24.2.2013 02:06 updated
8BilboShinedogHobbit Rogue34413,12099,421513 comments19.2.2013 21:32
9BungoGorbadHobbit Rogue34406,13339,439529 comments5.3.2013 05:05
10Bilbo2letslaughHobbit Rogue33295,041103,623384 comments14.2.2013 19:53
11BilboGorbadHobbit Rogue33345,87551,139455 comments21.2.2013 14:01
12Bilbo4ShadowTechnologyHobbit Rogue33338,69449,681556 comments5.3.2013 09:19
13BilbobronHobbit Rogue32203,90833,845433 comments21.2.2013 23:08
14BilboQyxHobbit Rogue31139,14943,802362 comments18.2.2013 05:43
15Bilbo Rogue31138,41546,631391 comment1.3.2013 07:30 updated
16Bilboranger jeffHobbit Rogue30125,54330,658524 comments26.2.2013 22:45
17Bilbo1QyxHobbit Rogue2733,89726,98228 18.2.2013 05:50 updated
18BilboIIranger jeffHobbit Rogue2627,72217,992283 comments3.3.2013 07:02
19Bilbo3ShadowTechnologyHobbit Rogue2520,88218,494301 comment24.2.2013 03:20 updated
20BilboBagplantHobbit Rogue2521,06820,285302 comments16.2.2013 23:14
21BilboletslaughHobbit Rogue2521,74935,514252 comments12.2.2013 20:34

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