Competition No.142

Starts:July 7th, 2013 02:00
Ends:July 31st, 2013 02:00 (ended)
Variant:FAangband 1.4
Save file:Download starting save file
FAangband, with it's new traditional-Angband-style dungeon map (which this competition is using), is a glimpse into how good Angband could be :D. Yes, it is my variant.

Glar is a Dwarf Mage. Note that his magestaff glows, and will activate to restore a little mana.

Competition winner is the game winner with the highest score/turns, or failing that the highest score/turns.

FAangband for Windows, OSX, Linux or as source is available from the download page.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1GlarMoya2Dwarf Mage507,948,9991,082,0218322 comments20.7.2013 15:41
2GlaryrribanDwarf Mage37626,227925,3747015 comments30.7.2013 04:35
3GlarShinedogDwarf Mage33257,9201,250,375559 comments11.7.2013 03:35
4GlargNickDwarf Mage2881,858435,9433912 comments29.7.2013 12:46
5Glarr6MattBDwarf Mage31167,069915,860378 comments28.7.2013 09:12
6GlarNickDwarf Mage2865,655566,777409 comments22.7.2013 13:58
7Glar2Moya2Dwarf Mage2873,178546,206352 comments22.7.2013 10:46
8Glarranger jeffDwarf Mage2866,852479,2423016 comments29.7.2013 08:26
9Glar XMoya2Dwarf Mage2762,742552,477283 comments27.7.2013 06:44
10GlarRochDwarf Mage2755,7201,181,928345 comments12.7.2013 17:32
11Glarr4MattBDwarf Mage2318,452515,318204 comments22.7.2013 20:17
12Glarr5MattBDwarf Mage2643,669775,8422610 comments25.7.2013 13:56
13GlarThraalbeastDwarf Mage219,722237,567134 comments25.7.2013 22:13
14GlarajelmerDwarf Mage2320,226346,253205 comments28.7.2013 20:24
15GlarDarinDwarf Mage162,408118,751113 comments27.7.2013 04:12
16GlarMattBDwarf Mage2428,040812,220237 comments20.7.2013 19:47
17GlarGorbadDwarf Mage162,924117,3358 13.7.2013 08:04 updated
18GlarletslaughDwarf Mage1274350,62891 comment10.7.2013 15:50 updated
19Glar2letslaughDwarf Mage184,478251,329112 comments12.7.2013 20:00 updated
20Glarr3MattBDwarf Mage207,378493,892124 comments21.7.2013 16:23
21GlarMattBDwarf Mage162,549354,86372 comments18.7.2013 16:33 updated

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