Competition No.148

Starts:November 20th, 2013 11:00
Ends:December 4th, 2013 11:00 (ended)
Variant:Sil 1.1.1
Save file:Download starting save file
Túrin Turambar is the damned son of Húrin Thalion, adopted child of Thingol, and the friend and slayer of Beleg Cúthalion.

Consumed by grief at the end of his exploits, he threw himself upon the black blade Gurthang and ended his life. And yet, he lives; how he found himself naked and alone in the halls of Angband is tale that has yet to be told.

Melian told Túrin that his doom was destined to be high, but not as high as that of Beren One-Hand -- but who is to say what the Valar have in store for men?

Túrin is a 4/2/2/1 Edain Hador that comes pre-allocated with Dodging, Flanking, and Charge. This is a fun combo of abilities, and we're hoping to hear your stories about how you use it to deal with Túrin's relatively "glass-cannonish" stat allocation.

Winner is the player with the highest score at the end of the competition. (Score is computed as a function of # of sils taken, whether or not V is slain, and how low your turn count is.)

Note that Sil is a relatively short game, and so we're only scheduling 2 weeks for this competition.


(Character build idea and savefile graciously provided by half)

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1TerrinePsiEdain Hador141,375,840109,36024,160020 comments26.11.2013 18:59
2TurambartaptapEdain Hador41,171,34395,97128,657034 comments21.11.2013 20:19
3Alan TurinPsiEdain Hador19,084,58066,41015,420199 comments22.11.2013 11:54
4Turin2bronEdain Hador19,079,85770,47920,143195 comments27.11.2013 01:11
5TurinbronEdain Hador16,080,03563,01719,965167 comments22.11.2013 19:21
6MormegiltaptapEdain Hador14,088,19840,72911,802148 comments30.11.2013 22:53
7UrtinyarpsEdain Hador13,090,12431,5609,876136 comments28.11.2013 12:14
8TearindeboEdain Hador12,091,53330,7798,4671210 comments28.11.2013 01:57
9TurinPsiEdain Hador12,091,15535,1578,845123 comments20.11.2013 13:07 updated
10Turning RedyarpsEdain Hador11,096,46516,7413,535113 comments22.11.2013 16:16
11TurinFendell OrcbaneEdain Hador11,093,78922,8286,211115 comments2.12.2013 09:09
12TurinFendell OrcbaneEdain Hador11,092,65822,2777,342115 comments29.11.2013 23:24
13TurintaptapEdain Hador10,092,81021,6537,190101 comment20.11.2013 11:03 updated
14MilanyarpsEdain Hador10,092,60723,9837,393104 comments23.11.2013 10:54
15TurinmuspellssonEdain Hador7,097,94511,9142,05575 comments3.12.2013 09:57
16TurindeboEdain Hador6,096,30410,4543,696610 comments26.11.2013 00:29 updated
17TurindeboEdain Hador5,097,8029,4252,19853 comments25.11.2013 03:39 updated
18TurinNickEdain Hador4,097,5358,6932,46544 comments21.11.2013 06:57 updated
19TurinSlinkingEdain Hador4,097,0518,6122,94944 comments25.11.2013 00:09 updated

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