Competition No.152

Starts:February 5th, 2014 11:00
Ends:February 19th, 2014 11:00 (ended)
Variant:Sil 1.2.1
Save file:Download starting save file
Sil 1.2.1 has been out for a while -- it's time to give it a run! (Or a leap, as the case may be.)

"Then Beren sprang from before Celegorm full upon the speeding horse of Curufin that had passed him; and the Leap of Beren is renowned among Men and Elves."

Beren starts with Angrist and Dodging+Leaping.

Winner is the highest score.


Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1Ir.riNivimEdain Beor41,365,06393,02734,93706 comments16.2.2014 05:43 updated
2BerentaptapEdain Beor39,180,85852,93119,142121 comments12.2.2014 01:38
3EcicrNivimEdain Beor20,068,03785,78831,9632011 comments12.2.2014 21:30
4BoronPsiEdain Beor19,073,40477,88026,5961910 comments12.2.2014 20:23
5BerenletslaughEdain Beor18,083,03939,72016,961186 comments13.2.2014 23:48
6BerenNivimEdain Beor18,081,54348,76918,457189 comments7.2.2014 07:36 updated
7BerenNivimEdain Beor14,084,12630,80415,874143 comments10.2.2014 18:13 updated
8BerenPsiEdain Beor10,091,97724,3808,023105 comments7.2.2014 12:15 updated
9BerenFendell OrcbaneEdain Beor9,094,75815,6535,24294 comments6.2.2014 12:21 updated
10BerendeboEdain Beor9,093,90816,3676,09291 comment5.2.2014 12:12 updated
11nulldarkdroneEdain Beor9,089,42020,43010,58097 comments16.2.2014 06:33
12BerenThraalbeastEdain Beor8,094,71714,8695,28385 comments9.2.2014 21:21
13BerenGorbadEdain Beor8,094,55615,2395,44487 comments11.2.2014 11:19 updated
14BerentaptapEdain Beor7,094,35012,3515,65072 comments10.2.2014 18:37
1511erendarkdroneEdain Beor5,094,7209,0855,28052 comments9.2.2014 14:54 updated
1615erendarkdroneEdain Beor4,096,4597,0373,54143 comments12.2.2014 10:06 updated
17BerenBill PetersonEdain Beor4,095,5229,0124,47842 comments14.2.2014 20:53

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