Competition No.159

Starts:June 25th, 2014 11:00
Ends:July 16th, 2014 11:00 (ended)
Variant:XAngband 1.3.1
Save file:Download starting save file
As far as I can tell, there has never been an XAngband competition before.

From the variant page: "XAngband is a Zangband variant of somewhat relaxed difficulty." All the Zelazny stuff is gone (RIP) but a whole bunch of weird stuff has been put back in.

Since we don't really have much of an idea what it's like to play this game (i.e. some classes or races may be entirely broken), I vote we have another no-savefile competition. It's totally up to you to create the awesomest race/class combination you can find.

Winner is the game winner with least experience (since turncount doesn't appear in the dumps); otherwise, the player with the most experience wins :D

XAngband source + windows distro can be found on the XAngband variant page.


Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1DebodeboMindflayer Mindcrafter508,298,745010025 comments13.7.2014 21:16
2PecoFinanHigh-Elf Warrior-Mage5011,679,72801007 comments30.6.2014 11:12
3EdgehjklyubnDunadan Elementalist487,352,964010013 comments6.7.2014 19:37
4K'ckGorbadKlackon Warrior-Mage412,578,2080708 comments30.6.2014 16:50
5PodrickmurphyHalf-Elf Snatcher37923,1010757 comments10.7.2014 21:03
6Wizardmahilewets@gmail.comHigh-Elf Mage31264,9397,928,870431 comment2.7.2014 18:13
7The MangeRochHalf-Troll Warrior2734,1280285 comments26.6.2014 09:12
8GrabbymurphyNibelung Snatcher2633,0170284 comments12.7.2014 03:12
9WeeblesmurphyNibelung Sniper2631,6770241 comment13.7.2014 06:23 updated
10XerxesmurphyHobbit Snatcher2518,4900243 comments6.7.2014 06:28
11KlassikklassikMindflayer Mindcrafter2110,2720101 comment25.6.2014 23:56 updated
12XaviermurphyDwarf Priest163,085013 6.7.2014 00:54 updated
13MokshaRochHuman Snatcher162,9590162 comments3.7.2014 08:46
14Bulroarer IISylverdinHobbit Elementalist940304 10.7.2014 20:11 updated

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