Competition No.178

Starts:August 31st, 2015 11:00
Ends:September 21st, 2015 11:00 (ended)
Variant:Animeband 0.6.1 alpha
Save file:Download starting save file
This competition does not have a savefile. Just create any character you want in (Q)uest mode with the default birth options!

You can get the Windows build of Animeband here. The source tarball available on the variants page is a disaster (it's clearly not what was used to build the windows executable, as there are mismatched function signatures etc.), so please don't use that.

If you want to play this comp on Linux or OS/X, I'd suggest installing Wine and just doing wine animeband.exe. I've been able to play just fine that way.

Competition winner is game winner with least experience, or player with most experience if no winner.

Ganbatte kudasai!

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1Faye Valentineranger jeffSky Dragon Water Magic Knight35920,7650015 comments20.9.2015 20:31
2GajeelIIArjenSaiya-jin Metal Magic Knight35716,728005 comments14.9.2015 23:45
3Shindou HikaruArjenCtarl-Ctarl Wind Sentai34494,453008 comments17.9.2015 11:45
4wcwletslaughSky Dragon Wind Chi Warrior31314,487009 comments19.9.2015 00:05
5HaiRochHententmon Metal Warrior32214,340009 comments6.9.2015 20:50
6sentailetslaughSky Dragon Wind Sentai29128,274003 comments19.9.2015 00:05 updated
7GajeelArjenSaiya-jin Metal Magic Knight2987,747002 comments13.9.2015 13:50
8Magic KnightletslaughSky Dragon Sand Magic Knight2770,449005 comments11.9.2015 04:08
9RyudeboSky Dragon Sand Magic Knight2656,604007 comments19.9.2015 03:51
10mageletslaughSky Dragon Metal Mage187,931005 comments9.9.2015 02:20
11FarisdeboCtarl-Ctarl Sand Magic Knight185,304003 comments11.9.2015 15:03
12GlitchdeboAndroid Sand Magic Knight152,806005 comments10.9.2015 13:09
13Totororanger jeffSky Dragon Water Warrior131,943001 comment9.9.2015 02:14 updated
14IbukideboNedian Sand Ninja151,918002 comments15.9.2015 14:55
15AwwNopedarkdroneCtarl-Ctarl Fire Warrior131,104007 comments5.9.2015 17:00
16MogdeboMoogle Sand Warrior12802003 comments2.9.2015 02:41
17ApsalardarkdroneSky Dragon Water Magic Knight6272001 comment21.9.2015 09:48 updated
18PaideboSanjiyan Sand Warrior6201001 comment3.9.2015 03:01 updated
19DebodeboHuman Metal Mage225001 comment1.9.2015 02:35 updated
20CetivdarkdroneCtarl-Ctarl Fire Priest13001 comment3.9.2015 08:12 updated

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