Competition No.213

Starts:January 1st, 2018 19:41
Ends: ( second left)
Variant:composband 7.0.3
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Grurk could never decide what he wanted to be when he grew up. His parents told him to try and pick one thing to focus on, but he wanted to do everything at once. People said that he would never be good at anything that way, but he has set out to prove them wrong.

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 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1GrurkcloudedOgre Red-Mage5012,190,9871,661,2171008 comments15.1.2018 17:42
2GrurkSidewaysOgre Red-Mage391,954,3111,113,042552 comments12.1.2018 22:42 updated
3GrurkcloudedOgre Red-Mage32357,577933,947463 comments5.1.2018 02:18 updated
4GrurkSidewaysOgre Red-Mage32381,8401,230,730401 comment9.1.2018 15:11 updated
5GrurkGwarlOgre Red-Mage29104,070404,30236 7.1.2018 16:26 updated
6GrurkGwarlOgre Red-Mage29123,546502,288451 comment4.1.2018 19:54 updated
7GrurkcloudedOgre Red-Mage31201,826833,550415 comments3.1.2018 17:49
8GrurkmurphyOgre Red-Mage2767,518426,892391 comment7.1.2018 01:23
9GrurkzangkowOgre Red-Mage29116,8031,207,799421 comment19.1.2018 09:25 updated
10Grurk2ShadowTechnologyOgre Red-Mage2767,982791,402312 comments27.1.2018 03:31
11GrurkShadowTechnologyOgre Red-Mage132,126162,396113 comments4.1.2018 05:45

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