Competition No.69

Starts:May 12th, 2009 00:00
Ends:June 9th, 2009 00:00 (ended)
Variant:Gumband 2.3.1
Save file:Download starting save file
Gumband's primary feature is that it is set in the Multiverse of Michael Moorcocks Eternal Champion sword and sorcery tales, the best known of which is the saga of Elric.

Unlike most *bands, Gumband has three quest monsters one must defeat in order to win. These are Arioch, Xiombarg, and Mabelrode the Faceless, powerful Lords of Chaos collectively known as the Sword Rulers.

Grirbag is a fire-breathing abomination, who has reached level 7.

Winner is the highest score.

Gumband is available from the download page.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperiencescore updated
1Grirbagkenneth_hon@hotmail.comBeastman Warrior2210,22212,1225 comments18.5.2009 13:51
2GrirbagdrchungBeastman Warrior31141,936145,2363 comments3.6.2009 02:47
3Grirbagare2@uiuc.eduBeastman Warrior432,669,2322,673,7322 comments28.5.2009 21:48 updated
4Grirbag9rdanhenryBeastman Warrior37932,518936,1186 comments27.5.2009 09:17
5Grirbag VmyshkinBeastman Warrior33328,480331,7804 comments26.5.2009 21:25
6GrirbagmyshkinBeastman Warrior2521,82724,0271 comment23.5.2009 08:00
7Grirbag2rdanhenryBeastman Warrior35499,205502,8053 comments20.5.2009 16:33
8GrirbagrdanhenryBeastman Warrior2211,37212,8722 comments19.5.2009 03:09
9GrirbagSatyrBeastman Warrior2988,38291,5823 comments19.5.2009 12:09
10Grirbag IIRochBeastman Warrior33379,470382,8707 comments21.5.2009 23:36
11GrirbagRochBeastman Warrior2519,60903 comments15.5.2009 11:51 updated
12Grirbagare2@illinois.eduBeastman Warrior507,542,7237,548,92310 comments5.6.2009 16:49
13Grirbag IIdrchungBeastman Warrior5010,425,74910,432,54911 comments4.6.2009 01:34

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