Competition No.74

Starts:August 31st, 2009 00:00
Ends:September 22nd, 2009 00:00 (ended)
Variant:FAangband 1.0
Save file:Download starting save file
First Age Angband refocuses on Tolkien's most developed work: The Silmarillion, great saga of the First Age of Middle-Earth. You adventure in the vast continent of Beleriand, journeying through towns, wildernesses, and multiple dungeons all linked together in your quest to reach Angband, home of Morgoth. Version 1.0 introduces many object changes (including a new take on curses), and 'player race monsters', which are not always hostile to the player.

Faye has spent her first two days fleeing for her life and has found herself in Ossiriand.

Tips: Your magestaff activates to restore a little mana. See a map of Middle Earth with '?', '5', '5'. The dungeon guardians are Mim (Amon Rudh), Glaurung (Nargothrond), Ungoliant (Nan Dungortheb), Sauron (Tol-In-Gaurhoth) and Morgoth (Angband).

The winner of this competition will be the least turns to kill Morgoth, or failing that the least turns to kill the deepest dungeon guardian killed.

FAangband 1.0.2 can be downloaded here.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1FabledPsiGrey-Elf Mage506,750,583104,62305 comments15.9.2009 18:31
2FayePsiGrey-Elf Mage506,180,807137,21504 comments7.9.2009 19:07 updated
3FastFayeCave ManGrey-Elf Mage495,499,724139,061019 comments10.9.2009 08:33
4FaytalSeany CGrey-Elf Mage495,758,149228,112015 comments15.9.2009 00:40
5FayeCave ManGrey-Elf Mage506,296,370285,185017 comments7.9.2009 08:41
6UnfazedPsiGrey-Elf Mage33265,11379,11105 comments10.9.2009 19:55 updated
7FayeSeany CGrey-Elf Mage2759,337259,72804 comments2.9.2009 20:40
8FayemurphyGrey-Elf Mage2422,001182,67904 comments4.9.2009 18:35
9FayebuzzkillGrey-Elf Mage2110,372109,32105 comments13.9.2009 04:15
10FaylureShadowTechnologyGrey-Elf Mage2214,558183,21601 comment21.9.2009 04:41
11Faye 3murphyGrey-Elf Mage219,390131,13701 comment19.9.2009 01:08 updated
12FayeNickGrey-Elf Mage152,19351,76204 comments2.9.2009 08:52 updated
13FayeRayeShadowTechnologyGrey-Elf Mage195,324152,52503 comments9.9.2009 05:19
14FayVoritShadowTechnologyGrey-Elf Mage151,992164,88601 comment7.9.2009 06:38 updated

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