Competition No.76

Starts:October 14th, 2009 00:00
Ends:November 5th, 2009 00:00 (ended)
Variant:DaJAngband 1.0.99
Save file:Download starting save file
The purpose of DaJAngband is to add a little flavor and character to Vanilla Angband. This is done mostly through redoing the monster list and adding a few new classes and races. Other changes are mainly to complement the changes in the monster list and new classes.

Noros the Dark Elf Archer is out to prove to his lordly father that having red hair doesn't mean he's not as good as his brothers and sisters.

Winner is the least turns to kill Morgoth, or failing that highest experience/turns.

DaJAngband 1.0.99 is available from the home page.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1NorosfizzixDark Elf Archer453,623,079932,26910027 comments26.10.2009 01:49
2NorosBagplantDark Elf Archer464,242,595929,1089913 comments27.10.2009 09:02
3NormosRochDark Elf Archer411,868,9261,482,882822 comments4.11.2009 23:26
4Norosje IIIkonijn_Dark Elf Archer432,758,8502,222,2218118 comments26.10.2009 15:35
5MacorbuzzkillDark Elf Archer31202,124378,2805715 comments4.11.2009 15:21
6Boriswill_asherDark Elf Archer33328,6031,557,522431 comment29.10.2009 00:00
7Noroswill_asherDark Elf Archer2744,896898,217273 comments22.10.2009 00:53
8NorosWarhoundDark Elf Archer2744,3901,182,012311 comment2.11.2009 02:51 updated
9Noros6ShadowTechnologyDark Elf Archer219,168266,315212 comments25.10.2009 02:35
10MadorbuzzkillDark Elf Archer121,06467,109112 comments24.10.2009 19:26
11NorosjplurDark Elf Archer11718171,90362 comments24.10.2009 05:58 updated
12Norosriganass@tin.itDark Elf Archer9417119,3205 18.10.2009 23:04 updated
13NorosRochDark Elf Archer24457,47324 comments15.10.2009 08:04 updated

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