Competition No.78

Starts:November 22nd, 2009 00:00
Ends:December 14th, 2009 00:00 (ended)
Variant:Posband 0.9.9a1
Save file:Download starting save file
Posband is an innovative variant of NPPangband which has not been worked on for four years. This version is buggy, imperfectly balanced and enormous fun.

Finnath is a Quylthulg. Slow and unable to directly attack, he relies on summoning to defeat enemies.

Winner of the competition will be the least turns to kill Morgoth, or in the absence of any game winners the maximum experience/turn.

The windows version of Posband 0.9.9a1 can be downloaded here. The source can be found here, but it may be better for linux users to run the windows version in Wine. There is no OS X version, sadly.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1FinnerRochQuylthulg38999,2861,065,199529 comments12.12.2009 04:11
2Finnathjuggle5Quylthulg35441,1462,220,240373 comments2.12.2009 08:40
3Finmathsiphal@wxs.nlQuylthulg32225,5801,479,422403 comments4.12.2009 21:57
4FinnathRochQuylthulg2845,974745,225353 comments29.11.2009 06:37
5UnFinnathedNickQuylthulg2732,030634,044373 comments7.12.2009 13:35
6FinnaththapperQuylthulg2850,7271,072,901302 comments13.12.2009 23:58
7FinnishRochQuylthulg2628,027774,910342 comments3.12.2009 05:42
8Finnathsiphal@wxs.nlQuylthulg2517,080798,183212 comments24.11.2009 20:14
9FinalNickQuylthulg2211,059598,504192 comments11.12.2009 10:25
10FinnathNickQuylthulg162,634333,226152 comments24.11.2009 13:59
11FinnathJohnCW9Quylthulg11810771,38052 comments12.12.2009 05:22

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