Competition No.80

Starts:December 19th, 2009 00:00
Ends:January 16th, 2010 00:00 (ended)
Variant:Furyband 5.0.3
Save file:Download starting save file
Furyband is a mega-variant extension of mega-variant ToME.

Ceag is a Dark-Elf Jedi, making his way through Middle-Earth with his trusty Lightsaber.

Winner of this competition will be the fastest winner, or in the absence of game winners the highest maximum depth/XP.

Furyband (Windows version or source) can be downloaded here.

Savefile submitted by JohnCW9.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1CeagRochDark-Elf Jedi6247,105,748012728 comments9.1.2010 09:42
2Ceag IIIkonijn_Dark-Elf Jedi2212,2310311 comment23.12.2009 16:11 updated
3Ceag IIkonijn_Dark-Elf Jedi2313,4470221 comment23.12.2009 02:47 updated
4CeagSeany CDark-Elf Jedi2874,5870293 comments13.1.2010 18:08 updated
5Ceagkonijn_Dark-Elf Jedi32255,2640433 comments21.12.2009 04:14
6CeagJohnCW9Dark-Elf Jedi37979,58505211 comments8.1.2010 20:31
7Ceagpowera@gmail.comDark-Elf Jedi518,023,0670703 comments23.12.2009 21:13

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