Updated for version 2.2.x


=== Differences Between ToME and Vanilla Angband ===

The first main difference a new player to ToME will need to be aware of
is that it has implemented a skills based system where instead of the 
adventurer automatically improving in their abilities as they become more
experienced, they get 5 skill points to spend on their character's abilities
and can therefore customise what type of character they play. See the skills 
help file for details

A second major difference is that the main dungeon from Angband has been split 
into 4 "dungeons", each of which cover a different portion of the dungeon's 
levels. Each of these 4 dungeons are located either in or near one of the four 
main towns so that the character can keep stocked up on supplies. As the 
adventurer advances in ability, they will need to travel overland to the next 
town/dungeon, which is most easily carried out using the wilderness map ("<" 
from town level). As well as these main places, there are a number of 
additional dungeons which the character may or may not choose to enter, which 
can have guardians, contain specific artifacts, or just be used as an 
alternative place to enjoy gaining experience. Note that not all of the places
are actually "dungeons" - some are caves, forests, etc.

ToME also offers the player the ability to undertake a series of quests. 
Random quests can be specified during start-up, and involve rescuing a princess 
from a group of monsters within the dungeon. If you do not wish to play with 
random quests, simply specify "0" when asked how many you want during character 
generation. Other "fixed" quests are also available from the towns (whether 
random quests are enabled or not), usually given by the town leaders upon the 
request of the adventurer. It is not required for any adventurer to undertake 
the fixed quests, but they can result in some nice rewards.

The third main difference between Vanilla Angband and ToME is the difference 
in character classes and races, as well as a very different  magic system. 
See the help files on Creating a character and the magic system. 
Class abilities (generally referred to as skills) are generally accessed 
through the 'm' command. Most racial abilities, or corruptions, are accessed 
through the "U" command.

To balance the expansion in things like player abilities and customisation, the 
list of both monsters and items has also been expanded. Be warned that items 
which were by default safe in Vanilla are not necessarily safe in ToME (a 
certain early artifact comes to mind here ...), and picking on defenceless 
creatures is frowned upon....

Happy adventuring!
Q: How do I use the altars (the 'O's) I see in the dungeon?

A: ToME introduces a new system of gods. 

You can find altars only in Lothlorien and in the dungeon.
The ones on the surface are dedicated to the good Valar (Eru, Manwe, Tulkas and
Yavanna), while altars found in the dungeons are "sacred" for Melkor.
You can use altars to convert yourself to a certain Vala by the "O"
command while standing on them. Beware, this works only if you don't already
have a God and as a new convert, your God won't like you that much.
Melkor also uses his altars as a mean of collecting sacrifices from his devotees;
this function is likewise accomplished by the "O" command.

Read gods.txt for more information about Gods.
Q: How do I use the fountains (the '_'s) I see in the dungeon?

A: Fountains in ToME act like potions, but can only be identified by 
drinking from them. Each one can hold between 3 and 12 doses of the potion. 
Quaffing from a fountain can be done by using the 'H' command (in the standard 
keyset) and answering 'Q' at the prompt.

You can also fill empty bottles at a fountain (enabling you to identify the
potion and hence the type of fountain) by using the 'H' command and answering
'F' at the prompt.  The game will then ask you to choose bottles and how many
bottles you want to fill.  You can find empty bottles on the dungeon and
drinking pints of fine ale/wine will give you emtpy bottles; if you are 
trained in the Alchemy, you can reuse bottles after quaffing potions as well.

Q: I got killed by a Great Wyrm of Power at 50'!!! What happened?

A: You killed a defenceless creature. I told you that it was frowned upon!
Q: I've found some strange items like a Red Tome, a Voodoo Doll, ...
   What can I do with them?

A: You've found an unusual artifact that cannot be wielded, but always
has a sometimes-useful activation.  It will not be listed in the known
artifact list and its activation is chosen randomly. It would probably be
wise for this kind of artifact be *identified* before use, as the
activation can be something very nasty...

To activate it, use the normal Activation command, but when prompted for which 
item to activate change to the backpack instead of wielded equipment.
Q: I keep coming across "essences" and "runes". What are they? 

Essences are the Alchemists friend, and you can only use them if you have 
access to the alchemy skill. 
Runes are used to cast and store spells of varying types. Runecrafters are the
class who are most proficient at using these. You can only use them if you 
have access to the Runecrafting skill
Q: Where can I store all my equipment? Theere's not enough room in my
inventory? And what happened to the thieves quest in Bree?

And nor is there supposed to be enough room in your backpack. It's not 
bottomless you know! If you go talk to the Mayor in Bree, he might let you know 
about a slight problem that there's been in town. If you can clear up the 
problem, you may find yourself with someone extra to keep your stuff. I've 
heard tell that there are other similiar problems in other towns in 
Q: I spent 500 gp at the Prophet but she said nothing. Is that a bug ?

A: No. Nor is it because Prophets are swindlers. She said nothing
because you have no fate at this moment.  You gain fate while playing, and
will be warned by a message such as "You feel your fate has changed".  A fate
can be useless like finding a broken skull at level 30, deadly like dying at
level 56, or really useful like to never die by the hand of a mortal.
Q: Who is Mathilde, the Science Student whom I see every so often in the

A: Most of the time she laughs and giggles, she has no loot on her, and
she's never done you any harm. So leave her be - even if she should
happen to shout "Drop dead, creep!".
Q: My wrists hurt a lot when playing the game. Should I take precautions?

A: Yes, you should. Repetitive strain on wrists (which results from a badly
placed keyboard, for example) can lead to serious injury of the wrist ligaments
called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you feel your wrists are strained, here is 
an exercise posted by Jason Maskell in which might 

Hold your arms out horizontally, make a fist, and then point the fist towards 
the floor, as much as you can. This will stretch one side's tendons. Hold for 
5 seconds. Then make a flat hand and hold it level with your arm, hold for 5 
seconds. Now splay your fingers and attempt to make your hand point toward the 
ceiling (this one is hard, so don't push it too much). You should feel your 
tendons stretching. Repeat this a few times. Take frequent breaks and do this 
if it starts to hurt a little bit. I was sliding very fast towards CTS and this
corrected it.
Q: When I stand on void jumpgates I'm never teleported away, what's wrong?

A: Void jumpgates are not automatic. You must press '>' while standing
on one to activate it. 

Q: When it panic saves it reloads an old savefile !!

A: Now the panic saves use a different file to save,
This file will be loaded first, if present, when the game is started.
If it loads successfully, save the game immediately. Otherwise, delete
the panic save, and your old (non-panic) savefile should be safe.
Q: I'm in the Maze, but I cannot find Merton!

A: Merton appears on a *random* level between dungeon level 26 (1300') and
36 (1800'). Each maze level is one panel by one panel in size, but *full* of
passageways - so you may have to do quite a bit of tunnelling to search the
whole level.

Q: I've found Merton, now what?

A: There is a new command that has been added to ToME that allows you to pass 
objects to creatures. What would you try and do if you had a broken leg and 
needed to get back to the town?
Q: I'm trying to find the Poisoned water quest at Lothlorien, but cannot
   find the quest entrance!

A: This quest is located in the wilderness. To the west of Lothlorien is 4 
water squares in an upside down L shape. One of these squares will contain the
quest. (Viewed from the Wilderness map).
Q: I've been given directions to a temple by my God but can't find the 
   temple anywhere!

A: It IS there. However, your god's idea of compass directions that are 
not directly on the 4 main axes are probably slightly less acurate than your 
idea. In other words, if your god says it is South-East, s/he means it is 
somewhere in the quadrant that is between the south and east axes.
Q: Where is the relic by god was talking about? I've looked in the lost 
   temple and can't find it anywhere!

A: It IS there. However, when your god told you to look for it VERY  
carefully, s/he meant it. Regardless of your game settings, the relic will only
be created once in the temple, at a random place. If you have searched the 
whole temple once over, and not located it, someone else has found it before 
you, and it is lost forever.
Q: Apparently my god has lost another piece of his relic and wants me to go 
   find it again. How many of these are there? 

A: You can receive up to five god quests, with the final piece yielding an 
extra reward. However you will only receive extra quests if you have 
sucessfully completed all the previous ones. 
Q: Farmer Maggot / Melinda Proudfoot keep shouting at me, and I cannot
   kill them.

A: Both these people need to talk to you about something. Have a chat to them 
(check the file command.txt for how to chat).
Q: I have found a sentient weapon, it says it has access to the realms 
   of Earth and Fire. How do I use these realms?

A: You don't actually 'use' them as such. If a weapon is sentient it means it 
gains experience itself as it delivers killing blows. As it levels up it has 
the chance to gain pluses to hit and to damage, and also powers from any of the 
available 'realms'. For instance, the realm of fire gives the chance to gain 
resistance to fire, or fire branding on your weapon. The realm of earth has a 
chance to confer extra attacks or the power of causing earthquakes and so on.
Q: How do I complete the special no-teleport level quests with a Deathmold?

A: You will need either some morphic oils, some mimicry skill, or the ring of 
Flare. Deathmolds are marked as experimental for a reason you know. Morphic 
oils can also help if you're having trouble communictaing with monsters. A very
beautiful Elf springs to mind as possibly causing some problems if you are in 
Deathmold form.

Q: The game is so slow...

A: Yeah :(
Try disabling the various options marked as (slow)