Pav's EyAngband Patchset

Here are patches that I have in my local copy of EyAngband. Maybe someone find them useful.

PatchClassDescriptionFiles affectedGet itVersionUpdated
Pseudo-ID bugfix Bug fix Pseudo-ID was made considerably slower unintentionally. dungeon.c patch 0.5.2 02-02-16
Monster lore recoloring UI enhancement Change coloring of monster recall to match my ideas. see monster1.c patch 0.5.1 - 0.5.2 02-01-13
Squelcher improvement UI enhancement Make auto squelcher actually tell you what was squelched and where. squelch.c patch 0.5.1 - 0.5.2 02-01-13
Auto notes Enhancement Takes notes on your progress to text file, when you gain level, kill unique, etc. Inspired by ToME. cmd-know.c externs.h files.c xtra2.c patch 0.5.1 - 0.5.2 02-01-13
Nicer compilation Development enhancement Hides calls to gcc in make output. Now it's much nicer and warnings are easier to spot. Compile ccdv.c and put it somewhere in your path. see makefile.std patch ccdv.c 0.5.1 - 0.5.2 02-01-13
Reveal prices UI enhancement / cheat Color weights in inventory listing by price of the item. Work with prices player would get in shop, it does not spoil unidentified items. Someone can consider this cheating as it reveals more to player than unmodified game. see object1.c store.c patch 0.5.1 - 0.5.2 02-01-13

Windows binary of patched 0.5.1 compiled by Andrew Sidwell thanks! - download here.
Do you have any interesting patches, which Eytan Zweig don't like? Maybe I will like them! Send me mail :)

Those patches got merged into official branch, so are now obsoleted:

PatchClassDescriptionFiles affectedGet itVersionUpdated
Experience graph (v3) UI enhancement In bigscreen mode, draws progress bar of experience needed for next level, in unused bottom right part of screen. Will be in next release. see defines.h xtra1.c patch 0.5.1 02-01-14
Goodness Value Fix Bug fix Fixes value limits for items considered good and exceptional. That cause lousy items being dropped by exceptional monsters as Maggot or Wormtongue. Merged for next release. object2.c patch 0.5.1 02-01-13
Look Fix Bug fix Fixes placement of map in 'L'ook mode, when screen is bigger than dungeon level. This leads to messy display. Merged for next release. cmd-misc.c patch 0.5.1 02-01-13

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Last modified: 16st February 2003